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Extended! Dinosaur-themed Pop-up Playground Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park Now Open Until 20 March!

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Dinosaur rides, dinosaur fossils, bouncy castles and more at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park. This dino-themed indoor playground at Downtown East has been extended until 20 March 2022

Dinosaur fans, you’re in luck! If you’ve visited the other dinosaur parks in Singapore, you’ll be stoked to know there’s a new dinosaur-themed indoor playground in town at Let’s Play @D’Marquee, Downtown East (recently extended until 20 March 2022). Kids can look forward to digging for dinosaur fossils, dinosaur rides, soft play, volcano slides, a trampoline, mini-train ride, and more!

Here’s what to expect at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park.

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Dinosaurs roar at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park’s entry

Beware the dinosaurs at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

As you enter, you’ll walk along a path with dinosaurs that roar and Venus flytrap type plants that move! It’s fascinating how their movements are so smooth but be warned, the loud dinosaur sounds might startle young or sensitive kids. Older kids will be delighted with the sudden dramatic entry into the dark forest where dinosaurs roam…

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Dinosaur fossils at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

Dinosaur fossils

Next up, look out for dinosaur fossils (not likely real ones but these dinosaur bones are fascinating for kids to check out). Can you guess the dinosaur species from the dinosaur skeletons and skull?

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Dinosaur rides (Included in ticket price)

Dinosaur rides

Ever ridden a dinosaur? At Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park you can! Choose your favourite dinosaur and saddle up.

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Dino rides at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

The dinosaurs move and even blink and roar! There is no extra cost for these dinosaur rides. Parents can accompany their kids here and assist to get them seated on the dinosaurs.

New Train ride (included in ticket price)

Train rides

How cute is this little train ride within Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park? Adults are allowed to join their kiddos on the trip.

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

Soft play for little dino fans

After the dinosaur fossils, you’ll be at the entrance of the ‘soft play’ for toddlers. Socks are needed here. There’s a small slide for little ones to zoom down.

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Bouncy castle at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

Bouncy castles, trampolines and volcano slides

If you haven’t had your fill of jumping on bouncy castles, never fear, there is a big bouncy castle playscape with a slide and climbing walls at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park.

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Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Volcano slides at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

Then there’s this volcanic climbing structure with two different slides – a metal slide on one side and a tube slide on the other. Race you up, race you down!

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Trampoline pods at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

Look out for the three different trampoline pods in the volcano themed area of Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park.

Toddler-friendly areas at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Soft play for toddlers

If you have little ones, they will find these soft play areas fun. There’s a play area for younger kids with blocks to build (pictured above) as well as a sensory play area filled with beads instead of sand where kids can play with buckets and dig for dinosaur bones (pictured below).

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park
Sensory play for toddlers at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park: Dig for dino fossils in the beads!

In another section, there’s a ballpit with loads of different games for young kids to play. There’s also a virtual shooting game but we weren’t too keen on the concept of shooting animals so we spent most of the time in the other fun dino-themed areas of this pop-up playground experience!


  • There are no toilets at Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park. So your best bet is to visit the toilets at the Downtown East mall next door before or after your play.
  • Tickets are for 90 minute sessions and are cheaper during the weekday (from $25).
  • Bring socks.
  • You may need to mentally prepare younger kids about the noise and the dimmed lights when they first walk in. Once they get past the walkway of dinosaurs, it’s brighter.
  • We would recommend Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park for kids between 4-10 years because apart from the ‘toddler areas’, there’s not as much for younger kids.

Verdict: Our tester mama Shirin says “My kids are 5 and 7 and they had a blast! After 1.5 hours, they said it’s too short and want to come again!”

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

When: extended until 20 March 2022
: Let’s Play @D’Marquee, Downtown East
How much: Weekdays $25 | Weekends/P.H $28 for 90-minute sessions, from

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