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Newton Show Kids Birthday Party Entertainers: Science Magic for Kids

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Smoke, bubbles and explosions — the best way to entertain older kids at a science-themed birthday party!

I am all for kids’ birthday parties that involve homemade cake and free party games, but when my soon-to-be 7-year old wanted to invite his whole class and more to his party, we decided it was time to delegate the party action (and mess). Newton Show offers party entertainment in the form of science experiments and hands-on learning with a good dose of foam, smoke (from dry ice) and controlled explosions thrown in — just the thing to keep older kids entertained!

If your kid is fascinated with science and experiments – these are the people to call: Newton Show

Themed shows

There are a bunch of themed party packages to choose from (depending on the age of your child), from Classic Science (with dry ice) to on-trend Bumble Bee Transformers, or there is Harry Potter, Paw Patrol, Space (with an astronaut), Superheroes, Trolls, My Little Pony and Frozen. We went for the Dry Ice show, hoping it would deliver maximum visual effect for 30 school friends. (Side note: teachers I have renewed respect for you in controlling a class of kids. After only 10 minutes of managing this lot I was whacked and happy to hand over to the Newton Show pro!). There are 35 actors on their books, from expats to locals so if you’ve seen someone you liked at a previous party you will need to ask for them specifically. Our Newton Show professional (a lady scientist, #girlpower) set up a table of liquids, test tubes and “don’t touch” boxes and then the show started.

Party Fun: 60-minute Science Show

An hour of experiments ensued and the kids got to experience smoke whizzing out of test tubes, bubbling concoctions, colourful potions and a few (assuredly safe) mini explosions. We had invited a lot of kids (I’d go smaller next time to manage the chaos a bit better) but the kids all enjoyed learning some science facts, seeing how dry ice acts, and getting actively involved in the show. The birthday boy, of course, got to lead some of the experiments but other kids had a go here and there and at one point, 30 safety glasses were whipped out and everyone enjoyed brandishing those while watching the dry ice fog shoot up.

Coloured cold steam was set off to delighted “oohs and aaaahs” and bubbles were conjured up for kids to hold in their hands and admire. Towards the end of the science show each kid got the chance to do their own mini experiment to make instant coloured snow to take home with them in their goodie bags!

Science experiment party with Newton Show
Science experiment party with Newton Show

Party packages (from $449): The Newton Show party package varies according to the theme, but most last an hour and include an array of experiments, a giant “happy birthday” banner, personalized soft copy invitations, and the Newton Show professional to conduct the party and cake cutting if you wish.

So parents, if you fancy delegating the mad scientist style chaos of your kid’s party to a calm professional, Newton Show are the people to call. They even went as far as to help me with my cake decoration dilemmas – warning me off using Mentos and Coke inside the cake. Thanks guys that was a narrow miss!

Newton Show, Tel: (+65) 82646655,

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