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Best Tufting Classes in Singapore to Tuft Your Own Rugs

Tufting classes in Singapore
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Tufting is the art of making your own unique rug! Visit these tuft clubs and studios for carpet tufting workshops in Singapore to learn how to tuft a rug designed by you in just a few hours.

Tufting, along with other artisanal hobbies like crocheting and knitting, has recently enjoyed a resurgence of interest – courtesy of TikTok. Perhaps it is the authenticity of handmade crafts that appeals to many, especially in this age of mass manufacturing. Tufting – the latest addition to viral DIY crafts ­– refers to a method of weaving textiles where yarn is looped through fabric, usually to make rugs.

Rug tufting for beginners

Trending clips have made modern rug tufting look so satisfyingly simple, which is perfect for beginners. You don’t even need sewing experience to create tufting designs of every conceivable shape, size and colour. All that’s required is some patience in manoeuvring an automated tufting gun that rapidly punches needle into fabric, transforming loose threads into eye-catching designs. If you are looking for a bonding activity to do with your teen, why not join a tufting workshop in Singapore? Get ready to craft your own masterpieces at these local studios offering tufting classes.

Studio An: four-hour tufting workshops

Tufting classes in Singapore Studio An
Image credit: Studio An

At Studio An’s four-hour tufting workshops, you can choose to tuft rugs for your floor, or to hang on a mirror or wall. Have a tufting design on your phone that you wish to see materialised? Project it on the tufting frame, then trace over the image with a permanent marker. This tufting studio is great for parent-child tufting classes as you’ll only be charged an additional $30 for a second person to work on your tufting design with you. Studio An provides more than 50 colours of cotton blended yarns for your tufting designs – feel free to experiment! Experienced tufting instructors will guide you through how to use the tufting guns and after completion, your rug will be given some finishing touches before being sent to your home in about three weeks.

Tufting class:
$185/person for a single session. Additional $30 if a second person is coming to work on the same tufting piece. Book here.
Rug Tufting in Singapore with Studio An: at 18 Kaki Bukit Road 3, #02-19, Singapore 415978

Tuft Club: rug tufting and tuft mirror workshops

Tufting classes in Singapore Tuft Club
Image credit: Tuft Club

Want to snazz up your floor, wall or mirror with some lovely bespoke pieces? Tuft Club offers two types of tufting classes – their rug tufting and tuft mirror workshops. The former allows you to make a rug or wall hanging up to 60 x 60cm, while the latter guides you on tufting mirror frames. The tufting workshops are both four and a half hours long and include detailed instructions on different tufting techniques for your designs. You can also book private tufting classes. Do note that the minimum age to sign up is 16.

Tufting class: $195/person (same price for both tufting workshops). Book here.
Carpet Tufting in Singapore with Tuft Club: at 57 Circular Rd, #03-01, Singapore 049412

Everytuft: Tufting workshops for kids and adults

Everytuft is a tuft studio that was started by a pair of friends who quit their jobs in pursuit of their dream and love of tufting! Tufting workshops at Everytuft are more than just lessons in tufting – they provide a community and space for those with the same passion for art and crafts to share their knowledge and tips on tufting. Tufting workshops are based on themes and purpose. If you are a newbie, start with the 1 and half hour workshop. There’s even a tufting workshop for kids with the Tiny Tuftie session for kids aged 10 and below!
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Tufting class: from $$90/person. Or try Tufting Jamming sessions at $28/hour. Book here.
Carpet Tufting in Singapore with Everytuft: 16A Lim Tua Tow Rd, Singapore 547752

With Autumn: carpet tufting and other artisanal workshops

Tufting classes in Singapore With Autumn
Image credit: With Autumn

With Autumn aims to promote traditional fibre crafts and share more about responsible textiles, natural dyeing and mindful design. Collaborating with craftsmen across the globe, With Autumn’s variety of workshops – ranging from stamp carving to tapestry weaving and tufting – celebrate the spirit of age-old artisanal works. The recommended age for participants is at least 16 years old but younger kids accompanied by an adult are welcome to join too (drop With Autumn a DM first). After the rug tufting class, staff will finish off all carpets with waterfall edges, trim them and apply anti-slip backings. Add an extra $40 for a wood backing to turn your tufting creation into wall décor. But first – prepare for a morning of sore hands (and lots of fun)!

Tufting class: $199/person. Additional $15/h for extra time to complete tufting. Book here.
Rug Tufting in Singapore at With Autumn: 22B Smith St, Singapore 058936

Cutloop Studio: regular tufting class & mini rug tufting workshop

Tufting classes in Singapore Cut Loop Studo
Image credit: Cutloop Studio

Cutloop Studio is a fun place to get creative. Attend the standard rug workshop, mirror tufting workshop, or, if you’re looking for something more digestible, try their 2.5hr mini rug tufting workshop instead. This is a condensed version of Cutloop’s regular 4-hour sessions, and you’ll be making a smaller rug with less complicated details – an affordable option offering the same enjoyable tufting experience.

Tufting class: $188/person (Standard Rug and Mirror Tufting Workshops). $120 (Mini Rug Tufting Workshop). Book here.
Rug Tufting in Singapore with Cutloop Studio: 14D Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089121

Hueplay Studio: Rugs N’ Tuft tufting classes

Tufting classes in Singapore Hue Play Studio Singapore
Image credit: Hue Play Studio Singapore

A homey space for artistic escapes, Hueplay Studio has art jamming experiences, punch needle workshops and tufting classes that they affectionally call Rugs N’ Tuft. There are over 30 yarn colours to inspire ideas for your tufting designs. For those who intend to work on more ambitious tufting patterns, upgrade to a 70 x 70cm frame at the store. It’s time to sip on tea, listen to some good music and tuft a customised rug with your loved ones.

Tufting workshop: $149/person (60x60cm frame). $159/person (70x70cm frame). Book here.
Carpet Tufting in Singapore with Hueplay Studio: at 77 Kampong Bahru Road, #02-01, Singapore 169376

beadbadwolf: rug and mirror tufting classes

Tufting classes in Singapore BeabadWolf
Image credit: BeabadWolf

Cheryl, who is a textile artist and mother-of-two, is the founder of beadbadwolf. What she loves most is colours and you’ll have plenty of that to play with in her workshops. Tufting classes at beadbadwolf are only available upon request. Not only does Cheryl teach rug and mirror tufting, but she also conducts workshops for tufting coasters and stools! At the tufted rug/mirror workshop, select your design then make it come to life in a 55cm-65cm long piece. Leave it at the studio after class to be completed with glue and felt backing before picking it up a few weeks later.

Tufting class: $135 (solo), $260 (pairs). Book here.
Rug Tufting in Singapore with beadbadwolf: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #02-10, Singapore S168976

HelloRugs: tufting workshops with fun tuft designs

Tufting classes in Singapore Hello Rugs Singapore
Image credit: Hello Rugs

Embark on four-hour therapeutic tufting sessions at HelloRugs. The studio has two class slots 10am-2pm and 4pm-8pm every day of the week except Tuesdays. Materials such as the tufting frame, cloth and yarn are provided and you’ll create rugs or wall hangings up to 55 x 55cm. Past participants have tufted Spongebob, Pokemon and Kermit rugs! Within the same week, HelloRugs will mail the finished work to you at no additional cost.

Rug Tufting class: $170/person. Book here.
Carpet Tufting in Singapore with HelloRugs: 29 Paya Lebar Road, #02-01, Singapore 409005

BoKkAna’s Club: bonding tufting classes

Tufting - Bokkanas Club
Image credit: Bokkanas Club

BoKkAna’s Club is a cosy studio nestled in the heart of Singapore. Teaching cream glue craft and rug tufting, BoKkAna’s Club’s workshops are a fun way to bond with family and friends. At rug tufting classes, prepare an image for reference, choose your yarns and then operate the tufting gun to make your desired tufting design. Bring the rug home or leave it at the studio to dry for two to three weeks before getting it delivered to you.

Rug Tufting class: $125/person (50x50cm frame), $155/person (70x70cm frame). Book here.
Rug Tufting in Singapore with BoKkAna’s Club: 729 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198697

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Lead image credit: Cutloop Studio

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