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Respectful Mom Parenting Tips: Watch The Transformative Power of ‘The Half-Smile Trick’

respectful mom parenting advice the half-smile trick
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The Respectful Mom is back with your weekly dose of parenting tips; here’s how the simple ‘Half-Smile Trick’ can transform the way you interact with your children

Kristin Mariella from has become well known for her powerful parenting workshops, writing and social media shares. With a large following and global reach, her focus is on shifting mindsets to inspire parents to become more intentional in their parenting journey. Kristin shares relatable and engaging personal experiences, insights and knowledge as she opens up and connects on a deep level with parents and caregivers around the world. We are so excited to be partnering up with her on a new weekly series; read on for part 2 in this eight-week series, and be sure to check out our Instagram Stories every Thursday for more of Kristin’s parenting tips and mind-blowing insights!

Being a calm, graceful parent is what I strive for every day. To me it’s the holy grail. Showing up as my children’s calm, confident leader has not only proven to have an incredibly positive effect on my children, but when I’m able to keep a positive attitude as a parent, stay unruffled and rise above even the most challenging situations I feel like a super mom!

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Nothing can beat feeling so confident and competent, like you can really handle anything that comes your way. And when in that space, in this positive, calm, confident state, I really AM able to handle almost anything that comes my way.

So it goes without saying that I try hard to stay in this zone!

I get so many questions from parents, asking me to share the things I do that help me be a more patient and positive mama. So I thought I’d share my secret with you all!

There are a few things I do actually, on a daily basis, that really help me stay in a calm, peaceful place, but there is one practice in particular that I use by far the most and continue to do so every day.

I call It my “Half-Smiling Trick.”

It’s super easy, and something everyone can do anytime, no prior practice needed! And that’s precisely why it’s such a good “trick”. As busy moms that’s exactly what we need.

To put it down in writing actually seems a little silly because there’s not much to say about what it actually is. The practice quite simply is to “put on a half-smile”. Smiling not fully but just a little — it’s that simple!

For this week’s Sassy Mama Instagram Stories parenting tip I will be showing you exactly what the Half-Smile looks like, and will tell you more about how I use this little trick and how it transforms the way I interact with my children.

Be sure to check out our Instagram Stories today for more respectful parenting insights from Kristin, and click here to see our archive of past weeks’ tips!

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