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STEM, Coding Robots & a Space Buds Programme: How this Preschool’s Distinctive Curriculum Helps Kids Thrive

methodist preschool lego build the change programme
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Here’s a preschool that invokes your preschooler’s innate curiosity to explore and stretch their creativity to ideate innovative solutions while training computational thinking, problem-solving and other essential thinking skills

Methodist Preschool’s holistic STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum includes programmes like LEGO Build the Change, Microsoft Minecraft Education, Junior Architect and Space Buds. Learning is made fun and effective with education technology like Luka AI reading bilingual robot, Tale-Bot and Beebot coding robots incorporated into different aspects of learning.

Incorporating STEM education into our kids’ learning journey is so important (the jobs our kids will have in the future may not even exist yet but it’s vital they grow up understanding technology itself). But how can we get kids involved in hands-on STEM learning in a fun and engaging way? Methodist Preschool is an innovative preschool in Singapore offering a holistic STEM-based, technology-enabled curriculum. The school collaborates with movers and shakers of the industry to offer amazing first-of-its-kind programmes to students.

Their approach aims to help children develop essential 21st-century skills such as logical and critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, teamwork and communication skills that will enable them to thrive in primary school and beyond. All this while nurturing children of good character with future-ready mindsets of an Explorer, an Innovator and an Entrepreneur!

1. LEGO Build The Change Programme

Methodist Preschool is a preschool of many firsts! It’s the first in Singapore to collaborate with LEGO group to offer the STEM-based LEGO Build The Change Programme, which educates preschoolers about global warming and the importance of environmental protection. Children are challenged to exercise their creativity using LEGO bricks to build imaginative solutions to address the adverse effects of climate change. They’ll then get the opportunity to present their creative builds during a show-and-tell session to peers and teachers.

2. Microsoft Minecraft Education

Microsoft Minecraft Education is no ordinary gaming software! It is a state-of-the-art software that develops creativity, simple computational and problem-solving skills, as well as STEM-related concepts, numeracy and literacy while children build their dream homes and complete fun-filled activities in the digital Minecraft Education world.

3. Junior Architect Programme

methodist preschool singapore junior architect programme

This first-of-its-kind preschool creative education programme is specially designed to teach basic architectural concepts, modelling of spaces and construction of 3D structures such playground, classroom, community, animal kingdom using various crafting materials. The programme fosters creative imagination, spatial intelligence, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, problem-solving as well as fine motor skills. Children also improve on their social and communication skills through team projects assigned.

4. STEM-based Space Buds Programme

Another highlight at Methodist Preschool is their STEM-based Space Buds Programme, which introduces the K2 cohort to all things space and cultivates a lifelong interest and foundational knowledge in space. Children get to learn about STEM through a purposeful and intentional approach. In addition to the prized opportunity to zoom meet and interact with an astronaut, the MPS Space Buds programme comprises a series of interesting lessons and hands-on Space-themed activities to fuel children’s imagination and interest about the final frontier!

5. Luka AI Reading Robot enhances Chinese lessons

methodist preschool technology

Luka is an interactive reading robot built with AI technology – and the kids love him! It reads aloud bilingual picture books placed in front of him, page by page. Luka also assists students in independent learning of Chinese characters using its AI–image recognition capability. The AI robot provides clear and accurate pronunciation of Chinese words and their meanings from flashcards placed in front of it. Methodist Preschool is the first preschool group in Singapore to win the global Gartner 2022 Eye on Innovation Awards in Education (K-12 category) for the use of Luka AI Reading Robot to enhance Chinese language learning in its curriculum.

6. Tale-Bot coding robot helps in Chinese learning

methodist preschool singapore tale bot ai

Tale-Bot coding robot is another learning robot specially designed for preschoolers, with intelligent interactive technology and voice command functions to help develop storytelling and computational thinking skills. Tale-Bot has livened up Chinese lessons and activities conducted during Methodist Preschool’s Extended Curriculum!

Keen to learn more? Methodist Preschool is part of the Methodist family of schools with a century-old tradition of providing quality education from preschool to pre-university levels. Schedule a personalised visit to any of their six centres for a better understanding of their holistic curriculum and age-appropriate play-based, inquiry-based and project-based learning approaches!

Enrol before 31 May 2023 and enjoy over $420 worth of savings for first-time enrolment. More details here.

Methodist Preschool, click for all locations in Singapore, Tel: (+65) 8273 2163, [email protected]

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