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“You Like Spiders? Let’s Learn About Spiders!” Learner-led Play-based Initiatives at Nexus

nexus early years preschool learner led learning
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Looking for a school that makes learning engaging and fun? Here’s how Nexus Early Years motivates little ones to learn by tapping into their individual interests like… spiders!

How many preschools can say they design lessons and activities around a young learner’s individual interests in order to motivate them to learn? Nexus Early Years Learning Hub can! The preschool uses the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), utilising play-based learning for the early years. This approach hones in on children’s natural inclination towards fun and interesting activities and understands that children learn best when they are engaged and invested in their learning. What does this mean in practice? Let’s take a look at how the Nexus Early Years Nursery teachers picked up on a learner’s interest in spiders and began incorporating them into his learning!

Learner-led Activities at Nexus Early Years Learning Hub

nexus early years preschool learner led learning spiders

One of Nexus’s Nursery learners, Ben, showed much interest in spiders. Ms Kimberly, one of the Nexus Early Years Nursery teachers, began by watching videos with him about how spiders spin webs, talking about spider facts and even helping him learn more about the Goliath spider, the biggest spider in the world. The learning even extended to their Nursery trip to the school library, where the teachers and librarians worked together to find a book that was all about spiders.

All this learning about spiders inspired the Nursery teachers to craft a rubber band activity that allowed learners to make ‘spiderwebs’. Children got to practise their fine motor skills and demonstrate different ideas, prompting teachers to respond to the ideas and actions that they had to discuss and further their learning.

Activities Are Themed Around Children’s Interests to Achieve Learning Goals

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Aside from the learning goals of the IB curriculum, teachers also set a Nexus initiative for Nursery learners to develop wider vocabularies throughout their learning. This is represented in a ‘vocabulary flower’ featured at the spiderweb station. Teachers cleverly craft activities like these that may seem simple, but actually carry many learning goals that learners get through play. These activities are also open-ended because it unlocks the possibilities for learners to gain varying knowledge based on their interests, strengths and areas for improvement.

Nexus Early Years teachers try to incorporate learner-led activities and initiatives for all aspects of learners’ learning. Moments like these allow children to thrive, giving learners like Ben the chance to embark on their own unique learning journeys!

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You’re Invited! Nexus Early Years Open Day on 15 April 2023

Want to find out more? Visit the upcoming Nexus Early Years Open Day on 15 April 2023. It will be a chance for you and your child to experience play-based learning and meet the specialists who will discover your child’s potential, just like they did for Ben. Book a slot for an online or in-person tour!

Enjoy a 100% application fee waiver when you enrol your child on the weekend of the Open Day. If you are unable to attend the event, you are still eligible for the waiver! Simply submit your application online between 15 – 16 April 2023. Use code 15APROPENDAY to redeem the promotion. Offer ends 16 April 2023, 11:59pm.

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