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The International School that Celebrates Play-Based Learning  

play-based learning at gess pre-school
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There’s more to play-based learning than letting kiddos go town on some toys. Here’s how GESS encourages little minds to explore and engage…

How does purposeful play fit into your little one’s preschool curriculum, mama? At GESS, play-based learning is not a way to disguise structured academics; rather, GESS Pre-School believes it’s crucial to create a space for children to explore and engage with their surroundings, however their curious young minds see fit!

play-based learning at GESS Pre-School

While many assume play-based learning is a kind of “structured fun” with a clear teaching objective in mind, GESS believes in truly authentic play without unnecessary adult interference. Instead, the role of teachers is to observe how children play, listen to their many languages and varied communication styles, and provide prompts and questions in a timely manner to help them find meaning in their own play.

Because of course, when children choose their own play, learning becomes much more valuable and meaningful. It doesn’t hurt that teachers take an approach that is at once enriching and respectful.

play-based learning at GESS Pre-School

Subscribing to the belief that the physical and social environment also play an important role in play-based learning, GESS teachers create surroundings, and provide materials, that directly respond to the themes and ideas students express an interest in. Nothing is ever set in stone; the set-up and course of learning can change with students’ evolving interests, as well as the new ideas they bring into the classroom from their outside experiences. How cool is that?!

play-based learning at GESS Pre-School

GESS prides itself on its strong IB qualifications, and interestingly, has found that its play-based learning in the early years reinforces the IB learner profile in many ways. For instance, play encourages children to take physical and emotional risks – whether trying something out for the first time, or reaching out to ask a peer to participate in an activity. Students also learn to ask questions about both possibilities and limitations, all the while building themselves up as learners.

Starting August 2018, GESS will also be offering an extended afternoon programme that runs from Monday to Friday, 3 pm to 6 pm. All students (3 to 6 years old) who enroll in the preschool are eligible to register for this programme.

Want to learn more, mama? You and your child are invited to experience play-based learning firsthand within GESS’s Pre-School community at their upcoming Open House on 20 March. See below for all the details and to RSVP. It’s also the perfect opportunity to find out more about their amazing new campus on Dairy Farm Road opening in August 2018!

All the Details!
What: GESS Pre-School Open House
When: Tuesday, 20 March, 9am to 11am
Where: Habitat, Junior School Campus, 300 Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598668
RSVP: Click here to register! Got questions? Email the admissions team [email protected] or call (+65) 6461 0881, mama!

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