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These 3 Values are at the Core of the GESS Student Experience

core values like respect, openness and inclusiveness result in a warm, welcoming community and happy students at GESS
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Are values important to you, mama? What values would you like to see imparted onto your children? Here are the three values at the core of learning at GESS

It can be a daunting experience sending your little one off to international school for the first time! As an international school catering to students from 18 months of age all the way up to 18 years – across 65 nationalities, no less! – GESS is a school that knows the importance of building a tight-knit community that feels like a home away from home.

community service at gess

With a keen awareness of what international education in the 21st century should look like, GESS is built upon three core values: Respect, Openness and Inclusiveness.

These values make the school, no matter how big, feel like a safe space for students to take risks, grow and become confident, forward-looking people who are ready for tomorrow.

Read on to see just how GESS incorporates these key values into everyday school life:

respect for teachers, students and other cultures is one of the core values at GESS


Given its diverse, multi-cultural student body, it’s no wonder that GESS works hard to cultivate respect for national origins through its renowned Mother Tongue Language programmes in Danish, Dutch and German, along with further language enrichment in languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, French and more. In every instance, learning these languages enables students to understand and connect with their own heritage, while also fostering respect for other origins.

GESS is also one of the few international schools to regularly conduct exchange programmes with local schools, resulting in a strong respect for local culture. For instance, GESS students have participated in grassroots initiatives like the PA’s Junior Neighbourhood Ambassador Programme, which promotes volunteering to the benefit of the local community. GESS students also volunteer with charitable organisations like Touch Community Services.

Junior Engineer Academy


In the spirit of being open to new ideas and trends, GESS is constantly exploring new possibilities. For example, it recently became the first school outside Europe to launch the prestigious Junior Engineer Academy (read all about it here!)which allows students to develop skills relevant for the jobs of tomorrow.  

The teaching approach at GESS is also built upon the principle of being open to different opinions and ideas. Instead of imparting knowledge from the top down, teachers encourage students to have an attitude of inquisitiveness and openness to the world around them so they might learn and discover through inquiry.

inclusiveness at gess


As an academically non-selective school, GESS stands strong in its efforts to be fully inclusive by not limiting any child’s opportunities and access to quality education. GESS prioritises meeting students exactly where they are and guiding them in their own particular educational journey to develop their own full potential.

Fostering a true community culture is another way that GESS promotes inclusiveness, whether carving out a special space for parents to be active in their kids’ (and other kids’) lives, or creating buddy programmes to match up older and younger students (or old and new parents!). GESS is well-known for its parent-led community initiatives, such as its International Summer Party, its International Food Festival, its Christmas Bazaar and much more. It all results in families – students and parents alike – feeling a sense of belonging in the school, regardless of where they come from.

Sounds pretty great, right mama? To find out more, come see these values in practice at GESS’s upcoming open houses in March, April and May. It’s also the perfect chance to check out their gorgeous new state-of-the-art campus, which just opened in 2018! See below for more info and to register!

All the deets!
What: GESS Spring Open Houses
Preschool: Tuesday 12 March, 9:30am; Primary and Secondary: Thursday 21 March, Thursday 25 April, and Thursday 23 May, 9:30am.
2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore 677621
RSVP: Click here to register! You can also call Admissions on (+65) 6461 0881 with any questions.

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