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Brighton Montessori Campus Has Come to Bukit Timah!

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Check out Brighton Montessori’s awesome learning materials and facilities at its NEW campus in Bukit Timah!

Naturally, as parents, we all want to give our children the best education we can afford because we want them to love learning and grow up to be independent, confident and caring for others. Brighton Montessori feels the same way, mama, recognising each child as a unique individual and providing quality pre-school education and life skills to prepare them for success in school and beyond.

We’re delighted that this exciting learning philosophy has come to Bukit Timah with their new campus at Lotus Avenue, just off Sixth Avenue!

Brighton Montessori’s fundamental goal is to foster students’ independence and teach them how to take care of themselves — all with the support from caring and dedicated educators. Brighton’s carefully-structured programs focus on core Montessori tenets like language, mathematics, cultural studies, practical life skills and sensorial exercises.

Just as importantly, the school believes that success in life depends not simply on academic achievements, but on the innate qualities that are instilled into a child’s character from a young age. We could not agree more, mama!

This holistic learning activates the child’s own desires to learn. It instils in them self-directed learning, encourages them to enjoy the learning process, and drives self-motivation to find out more. Through seemingly simple (but increasingly complex) tasks, children learn to take initiative and develop their leadership skills in school.

Brighton Montessori also offers fab enrichment programs, mama, to ensure kiddos are well prepared for wherever their educational journey might take them. The Intensive Chinese Immersion Program (ICIP) is a step up to prepare students for primary one Chinese, combining comprehensive study materials and fun activities for children to embrace learning Chinese. Meanwhile the Kidz Fun Discovery Program (KFDP) stimulates their creativity through speech and drama, cookery, music, computer skills and educational games.

At school, children learn to respect educators and friends, be considerate towards others, and foster cooperation with peers through group lessons. Beyond preparation for academic success and cultivating their creative talents, Brighton Montessori students’ social and emotional development also thrives in this environment. After all, while it is of course important to nurture their values and characteristics through a Montessori approach, why not give them an amazing pre-school experience in the process, with a good measure of spunk thrown in to achieve success no matter what path they take mama?!

To find out more about their classes and how your children can benefit from the Montessori approach in school and everyday life, call them now for enquiries or RSVP to the Discovery Day by calling (+65) 6588 3883 or sign up at!

Brighton Montessori @ Lotus Ave, Lotus Ave, 35, Lotus Ave (near Sixth Ave), Singapore 277618, Tel: (+65) 6588 3883 or email [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with Brighton Montessori

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