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Presenting KidzRock International Preschool: Convenient and Creative Special Education

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A new preschool is in town and it proves to be a Truly Special Place for Special Kids

Although they admit that they’re not a huge, grand school with out-of-this-world facilities, KidzRock International Preschool wows with its small, intimate setting. This fully-fledged Special Education preschool conveniently located at The Grandstand adopts the Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies, which is a leading scientifically-based and award-winning early childhood curriculum that focuses on project-based investigations by addressing key areas of development. It encourages hands-on learning and an approach that says “Yes, making a mess is still fine (as long as you clean up afterwards!).”

KidzRock fuses this into its mainstream curriculum, with academic goals that are aligned with the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) framework for Early Childhood curriculum. Rest assured, your little one will not be shortchanged of a typical preschool experience!

The newly established school has no prior waiting list. KidzRock encourages parents to come onboard, visit the school and have a chat with the Behaviour Consultant to find the best ways to work alongside you and your kiddo. Speech and Occupational Therapy services are integrated into the school’s schedule, by way of collaborating with Kaleidoscope Therapy centre, which is located in the same building. Imagine saving the trouble of having to rush after school to make it to therapy on time, mama!

3:1 student teacher ratio ensures your bubs gets individualised attention and support during their full day programmes, which run from 9am to 2pm. Extra-curricular activities will commence from Term 2, and you’ll have the option of enrolling your kiddos into these exciting classes that run from 2pm to 3pm. Plus, they’ll get to visit Horsecity every Friday as part of the school’s schedule where the kids get to enjoy spending time riding and feeding horses and ponies – which has been proven to be a fun and carefree form of therapy and just one of the advantages of being situated at The Grandstand!

KidzRock understands that parents are constantly on the lookout for the best therapy services and schools, sometimes met with disappointment or having to compromise their expectations to ‘fit their child into society’. To this, the Head of School Priscilla Martin says:

“We get you. We get that feeling of exhilaration when your child tries a new food for the first time, or when he can name over 50 dinosaur species but cannot tell you what he wants for lunch. We get you and we’re here to do everything we can to work alongside with you to meet the needs of your precious ones and celebrate every victory, regardless of how small they may be.”

KidzRock International Preschool, The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, #04-11, Singapore 287994, Tel: (+65) 9854 5699, [email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with KidzRock International Preschool

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