12 - 29 May‘20

HOLIYAY AT HOME with Superhero Me

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HOLIYAY AT HOME is an inclusive arts effort by Superhero Me to continue supporting families of children with special needs during the May school holidays. Programmes follow a weekly signup schedule and take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. This series is presented by Lien Foundation and supported by the Mediacorp Enable Fund. Programmes are free of charge 🙂


EXERCISE WITH BLOB Ep 2: Battle the Angry Asteroids!
Date/Time: 12 May (Tues), 1030 – 11am on Zoom

This 30-min exercise series is based on the UNIVERSE OF FEELINGS, the journey of a minimally-verbal boy who meets a new friend, Blob and travels to space with him. Led by Captain Austin Chia, who plays Blob in the Universe of Feelings multi-sensory theatre show, come let off some energy and make new friends! Developed from an inclusive arts residency at Rainbow Centre and published as a children’s book in 2019, UNIVERSE OF FEELINGS hopes to spark understanding about children with special needs who communicate in ways other than words.

POWER UP ART: Day in the Life of Superhero You Comic Workshop
Date/Time: 13 May (Wed), 4 – 5pm on Zoom

This 60-min art workshop series is themed on Empowerment. Draw yourself as a superhero and draw a comic of your daily routine in this workshop led by artist Quek Hong Shin. Children will work with templates shared by Superhero Me, learn about a new artist and his/her artform and be guided through conversations to understand that staying at home at this time is a way of saving the world!

SHOWTIME!: A Croaky Musical Adventure
Date/Time: 15 May (Fri), 4 – 430pm on Zoom, broadcasted on Facebook Live

This 30-min art storytelling and performance series aims to introduce artists associated with Superhero Me and inculcate art appreciation in children. Children will work with activity sheets shared by Superhero Me and enjoy a story and performance. This Friday, we have music educator and performer Allen Losey, who was one of 12 art and music teachers from STAR Singapore who ran a 3-day inclusive arts Summer Camp with Superhero Me in 2018.

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