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X-halo: How to Manage Asthma at Home

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Do you or your little ones suffer from Asthma? Here’s how to breathe easier at home, mama

Breathe in, breathe out … Now it is that easy to measure your Exhaled Breath Temperature (EBT). The world’s first breath thermometer, X-halo, measures the temperature of the air in your lungs to monitor signs of inflammation effectively. 

X-halo, the first clinically proven handheld device of its kind (more than 10,000 patients participated in at least 200 clinical trials in hospitals around the world), allows asthmatics to track airway inflammation levels easily and quickly at home. It picks up inflammation in the lungs by measuring the EBT to provide early warning, up to 48 hours prior to an asthma attack!

Whether you’re asthmatic yourself or your little one struggles with asthma, X-halo can significantly improve the way you manage your own or your child’s asthma. It takes less than two minutes to use daily, as a preventive measure so that any early inflammation can be detected. After connecting the device to your handphone, inhale through the nose and blow into the device in one deep breath via a mouthpiece. The X-halo app will show the results and store the data for you to track the temperature over time.

If used regularly, X-halo can improve the lives of severe asthmatics in many ways. When inflammation happens, the EBT will rise. X-halo detects and alerts asthmatics of an impending asthma attack. This gives users the opportunity to take control over their asthma management, medications and treatments in the comfort of their homes. 

In addition, X-halo is able to monitor inflammation caused by pollution or influenza, predicted between 24 to 48 hours before symptoms show.

Sassy Mama readers who purchase an X-halo online before March 30, 2017 will receive one year free personalised service from an expert to support managing their airway health. This service will commence from the date the X-halo is activated and they take their first measurement via the app.

Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe a bit easier, mama?

X-halo, Tel:+ 65 64153107 or [email protected]

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