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Top 3 Reasons Why Technology for Kids is a Good Thing

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There’s an ongoing debate about whether technology for kids is a blessing or a curse, but it actually can be enormously empowering for kids

Please welcome the whizzes from The Keys Academy – at the forefront of harnessing technology to keep kids a step ahead of the curve – to tell you how and why tech can be great for kids.

Children are now growing up in a radically different world from the one we knew when we were kids. Software is now the common language we all can speak, regardless of where we come from. Soon, our cars will be able to drive themselves and our houses will be controlled by computers that are programmed with our habits and preferences. Here are the Top 3 Reasons why it’s important to equip the next generation with technological skills:

1. Technology will lay the foundation for jobs of the future

We are preparing our children for a world in which technology and data provide the foundation of every single discipline including law, entertainment and medicine. Technology is evolving at such an extraordinary pace that it is automating every single kind of routine job. By learning programming or coding, 3-D printing, and robotics, children will develop the fundamental digital literacy to help them understand the digital worlds we explore everyday and sharpen their abilities to think and solve problems.

Having these powerful skillsets on your child’s portfolio will set him apart from the rest of his peers when he is applying for university or a job in the future.

2. Technology boosts children’s confidence tremendously

Through technology courses, children will learn how to programme or build stuff that they could have only imagined before, and will be motivated to think outside the box.

Learning how to programme robots, for example, takes experimentation. Students will have to tinker with the code, find out what’s going wrong, and fix it. The thrill of success will only propel them to continue to push their boundaries and improve their ability to master difficult tasks competently and confidently.

3. The nature of technology courses sets your child up for academic success

It is not unusual for students to want to give up when they encounter setbacks or challenges in their schoolwork, be it math or language. The problem-based approach to learning in technology classes will impart to children problem-solving skills that will see them approaching every problem as a technological problem – identifying the symptoms, find out where it shows up, understand the system, analyse the causes, and then form a diagnosis or solution. Children can then employ these skills to tackle difficult subjects in efficient ways and achieve the results they seek.

Are you psyched to get your kids programming or what, mama?! To find out more about the different types of technology courses available for your child at The Keys Academy, check out their website or email them at [email protected] to receive a free personalised consultation for your child. 

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