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Top Tips to Keep Your Preschooler Interested in Chinese at Home

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Getting kids to love Chinese can be tough. If you’ve got a preschooler and are struggling to get them to practice Chinese at home these easy tips will help!

Worried your preschooler may not be exposed to the Chinese language enough? It can be easy to just keep falling back on English as a medium, especially if that’s what they’re so used to responding to. But keeping little ones interested in the language doesn’t have to be hard! Here are some of our favourite ways to improve Chinese learning at home.

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Add Chinese picture books to their reading corner

Reading is a great way to expose your child to a more varied vocabulary, and children’s picture books make it extra fun! You’ll be surprised at how many things your kiddo can point out and name on each page. Introduce them to Chinese words with popular books translated into Chinese, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and That’s How Much I Love You. You can also find a range of exciting Chinese children’s books at POPULAR bookstore, Kinokuniya, My Story Treasury (an online store specialising in Chinese books) and even on a free book app* like the LingoAce AceEarlyLearning Chinese Book App!

There you’ll find over 500 interactive and animated Chinese picture books, including world-class award-winning books, all suitable for kids from preschool to lower primary. Available for download on the Google Play store and Apple App store.

Introduce kids to Chinese cartoons

It’s amazing what kids can pick up when watching TV. Try introducing your kids to Chinese cartoons such as Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Journey to The West and Big Eared TuTu.

Another neat trick is to change the spoken language of your kiddo’s favourite shows on Netflix or Disney+ to Chinese! They may be a little confused at first, but try it out a couple of times and they may just get used to hearing their favourite characters speak in Chinese!

Speak Chinese when having simple conversations

Just knowing that your child understands you when you speak Chinese (even if they respond in English) is a good first step! You’ll find that the more you normalise speaking Chinese at home, the more they’ll be likely to use those Chinese words to communicate with you down the road. You can also make it a fun game by ‘challenging’ your little one to try naming what they see in Chinese when you’re out and about.

Sign up for online Chinese classes

Want to make sure your child’s grasp of Chinese has a great foundation? Try an online Chinese class! LingoAce offers an Online Preschool Programme specially for kids from N1 to K2 (3-6 years old). The online 1-on-1 programme is personalised in accordance with your child’s learning pace, so teachers will make sure to go as quickly or as slowly as your little one requires. The programme aims to cover 70% of the most common Chinese characters and more than 25 key sentence structures that students are required to know at primary one level – so they’ll be well prepared before entering primary school! Taught by native Chinese speakers, all of whom have more than three years of teaching experience, each lesson is held for 25 minutes, the optimum learning duration for preschool learners with naturally shorter attention spans. Programmes include fun gamification elements, making them highly engaging for preschool children! LingoAce is a well known global EdTech platform so you can trust that they’ll only deliver the most effective language-learning programmes tailored to the modern engagement needs of young learners.

Sign your child up for a free trial from LingoAce and receive additional 27 free pre-recorded classes on Pinyin, Writing Composition and Chinese Culture (worth $525)!
Plus, the first 50 Sassy Mama readers to sign up for a LingoAce package will get unlimited 1-month access to 500+ Chinese Picture Books for free! Limited time only.

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