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11 Things I Love About You: A Joolz Hub Stroller Review

joolz hub stroller review singapore east coast park
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If you could do it all again, would you choose a different stroller? This mama loved the Joolz brand so much she got a new Joolz Hub for #2, and she’s more smitten than ever! Here’s why she says it’s the perfect stroller in Singapore

I had my first baby back in 2011 and I remember shopping in a huge baby store (I lived in Europe back then) and looking at all the popular stroller brands, mainly from Norway & The Netherlands. I was so focussed on these brands till the sales staff introduced me to Joolz and my first thought was: What is this brand? If I haven’t heard of it yet, could it be any good?

joolz hub stroller singapore
Joolz Hub is the perfect stroller for life in Singapore as it’s compact and has one-hand steer

Fast forward through the sales pitch, I was sold! I put it on my wishlist and my in-laws got it for me and I haven’t looked back since. BEST – STROLLER – EVER. So much so that I’ve missed it all these years. I used the Joolz till my daughter reached the age of 3 and so when I got pregnant in 2018 with my second kid, my heart was once again drawn to Joolz! Boy did I want another one of those, so I was thrilled to get a brand new Joolz Hub at a baby shower my amazing colleagues threw for me!

So what were the things that really drew me to the Joolz during that sales pitch 8 years ago? The main selling points of the Joolz brand is the fact that their strollers are not only ergonomic and stylish, but – and if you love the Earth, you will love this – they do all this while keeping the environment in mind.

The Joolz Hub is the latest addition to their collection, and it’s specifically designed for urban living – perfect for the narrow pathways or tiny shopping lanes between shelves in Singapore!

joolz hub stroller newborn cocoon
The Joolz Hub stroller is stylish and ergonomic with a great sun canopy

Here’s what I LOVE about the Joolz Hub:

  • It’s so compact: It was basically ready to use right out of the box — there is not much assembly required at all.
  • I can steer with just one hand: You heard me right! This makes it super handy if you have to hold that cup of flat white or look up the nearest Din Tai Fung with the other hand, right?
  • It’s got an impressive canopy: So important when we do our walks down the beach at East Coast Park where the sun can get harsh even before 10am! This way my little boy’s eyes (and the rest of him) stay protected (in addition to sunscreen, of course!).
  • That being said, because of the heat & humidity, the mesh panels in the canopy are very welcome, as they still allow air to flow so he remains ventilated.

    joolz hub stroller folding strap
    Joolz Hub is easy to fold and has a handy built-in carrying strap
  • I love how this stroller folds without me having to remove the seat. It also comes with a built-in handle strap so I can easily hoist it on my shoulder after folding!
  • There’s a deep basket (up to 18 liters) so I can stuff everything (read: all my shopping) in there!
  • The seat has an extendable footrest, to accommodate a baby growing into a toddler.
  • We went on vacation with it and packed it in the Joolz case and checked it in with luggage – perfect!
  • Luxury all around: it’s got a high-quality finish with the plush and smooth fabric. Plus it’s super sturdy!
  • It’s on the heavier side (11.5kg) but I’ve actually categorised this under “things I like about Joolz” because as a result of this, the stroller is very well balanced. This means you can hang a lot on it without tipping it over!
  • It fits with my Maxi-Cosi car seat, which makes it super convenient when my baby is asleep in car. Just remove car seat (baby & all) and click onto the stroller frame. Baby stays asleep. Mummy proceeds to shop!
joolz hub stroller singapore
Nadia loves taking her Joolz Hub stroller out — and baby clearly loves it, too!

OK yes, there are some things I love less about this stroller – but in all honesty – not THAT many. I’m a true fan of Joolz!

  • Firstly, it’s easy to fold, but is a bit heavy for me to carry with my 155cm frame, especially in the Singapore heat. Then again, I recently realised that I’d barely exercised in a year so that may have had something to do with it! Now that I’m back in a regular gym routine, it’s less of an issue (plus I don’t have to carry it all that often anyway).
  • The buckle is fidgety and sometimes feels like a bit of a struggle; it’s probably my least favorite part of the stroller, but we’ve all gotta have something, right?
  • The instructions on how to install the accessories could be a little clearer. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials!

Touching back on Joolz’s green initiatives – let’s talk about the Joolz Birth Forest. This is a forest where one tree is planted for each stroller sold! Besides this, they also recently sustainably renovated their factory with greenhouses and other smart energy-neutral solutions!

So what are the key stats you’ll want to know about the Joolz Hub:

  • For use from 6 months – 20kg (from birth use with the carrycot or cocoon)
  • Handle height: Adjustable from 96.5cm-106cm (great if you have a short mama and a tall papa, or vice versa!)
  • Folded size: 66x53x33cm
  • Price: Available for $1,139 at Motherswork. But ooooh! It’s your lucky day, mamas, because I just found out there will be a special sale on 11.11 where you can get the Joolz Hub Quatro + Cocoon on Lazada for $888 (reg. price: $1,354)! Click here for more deets!

Trust me mamas, this is the most worthwhile investment you could make!

Images #1, #2 and #3 via Joolz Facebook

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