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Uh Oh, Sore Throat? Leftose’ Remedies Can Ease Symptoms in Kids and Adults, Fast!

Leftose sore throat remedies
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Are you or your child struggling with phlegm and a sore throat? Leftose’s family-friendly remedies can help ease discomfort which means everyone can rest better and recover faster!

Every mum knows how hard having flu, cold or even Covid-19 symptoms can be when you’ve got little ones to look after at home. Dealing with uncomfortable symptoms such as phlegm and sore throats, and caring for the kids can be exhausting, which is why having a trusted remedy that will help ease symptoms and speed up recovery is so important. Leftose is a natural and effective remedy for sore throats, recommended by medical professionals and loved by mums. Available in lozenges, syrup and tablet form, Leftose is suitable for both adults and kids!

Leftose lozenges mum and kids

Leftose remedies: mom’s secret weapon against sore throats

You know the saying: I don’t get sick days, I’m a mom! Between school pick-ups, extracurricular activities, homework, household chores and grocery runs, there’s plenty to juggle and when you are sick it can be overwhelming to manage it all. So what’s the secret weapon of choice for moms in the know? Arm yourself with Leftose Max Lozenges containing Lysozyme, Vitamin C and Zinc. These lozenges help to alleviate the discomfort of sore throat while vitamin C and Zinc have benefits for the immune system. If you are recovering from Covid-19, there is some research to suggest that Zinc may help to recover loss of smell/taste.

Entirely sugar-free, the Leftose Max Lozenges come in two great-tasting flavours – Leftose Honey Lemon Lozenges and the blackcurrant-flavoured Leftose Max, which has added Vitamin C and Zinc. Leftose also comes in tablet form, and its non-drowsy formula means you’ll find relief and still be able to tick off your to-do list.

Leftose sore throat remedy

When kids have a virus antibiotics can’t help. so the most important thing you can do to get your child better is to make them comfortable by alleviating symptoms and making sure they get lots of sleep! For kids, there’s Leftose Syrup with an easy-to-swallow sweet taste with no nasty aftertaste! A trusted brand with paediatricians and GPs, Leftose is suitable for kids aged 1 and above and is a great way to help children feel better and more comfortable when they’re unwell.

Want to stock up on Leftose for the whole fam? Leftose is sold at major pharmacies such as Guardian, Unity and Watsons, and can also be purchased online on Shopee and Lazada.

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