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How Science Helps Little Ones Better Understand the World

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Science at The Keys Academy provides great academic preparation, but it also happens to be a lot of fun!

Between STEM, STEAM and the rockstar status of those in the sciences today, science education is more important than ever, mama. Whether you’d just like to instill an early love of science in your little one, or they’d like some extra help with their science homework, be sure to seek out The Keys Academy, one of Singapore’s leading science centres for both primary and secondary school students.

The Keys knows that the, well, key to loving and excelling in the sciences lies in developing a true understanding of the scientific method. They help students achieve this through their unique learning methods, their experienced teachers, and by conveying a true passion for scientific inquiry.

But The Keys truly takes things to the next level with their amazing facilities: it’s one of the few enrichment centres in Singapore with both a biology and physics laboratory on-site! The emphasis on experiential learning means that students can fully grasp scientific concepts through hands-on experiments (which also happen to be a lot more fun).

The Keys believes the sciences, including Physics, Chemistry and Biology, are at the foundation of most future disciplines, and they’re particularly useful for students wanting to study engineering, medicine, or rapidly developing fields like biotechnology and materials science. Besides connecting students to speak with leaders in the field, The Keys is the only centre in Singapore to partner with GapMedics, which provides medical internships to students interested in medical school and the medical field.

Excited by the possibilities, mama? Budding Curies and Hawkings can start from P3 with the Keys’ first Science class, progressing all the way up to specialised A-Levels courses.

Science is a beautiful way to understand the world, and is wonderful for creative problem solving. In our view, these are core values to instill in kiddos at any age!

The Keys Academy, Odeon Towers, Level 2, 331 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188720, Tel: (+65) 6734 8559

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