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Sassy Scoop: The low-down on getting gorgeous legs from the experts at The Vein Centre!

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SMSG-scoop-theveincentre-01If you’re sick of sighing every time you put on your mummy shorts (thanks to those annoying spider and varicose veins that most mamas tend to have!) and you want a solution that is practically painless and quick, then you’ll want to have The Vein Centre on speed dial!

As a one-stop specialist clinic that uses minimally invasive treatments to deal with unwanted veins (you can read more about it here!) we stopped by for a chat with resident vascular surgeon, Dr. Imran Nawaz to get the inside track on what’s actually involved in getting smooth, vein-free legs you’ll be proud to show off at the playground…

Can I get varicose or spider veins by crossing my legs?
No, thankfully! Varicose and spider veins are mainly a hereditary condition and are more prominent in women with lighter or more transparent skin. Pregnancy is often the time when women start to develop them due to the extra weight gain and swelling (fun!).

How long does the procedure to remove varicose and spider veins take?
Each procedure takes between 30 to 45 minutes. However, an individual patient may require more than one procedure, depending on the severity of their condition.

Is it painful? Are needles involved?
It really depends on your pain threshold – some people compare spider vein removal with the sensation of a bikini wax as the treatment only involves lasers and no needles. With varicose veins they are only tiny needles but you will receive some numbing prior to the treatment to minimize the pain.

Can I get veins removed when I’m pregnant?
We don’t recommend it. Technically it can be done, but the risk to the baby, albeit very small, is not worth it.

Is there any point in having it done between pregnancies?
Absolutely! Each pregnancy only makes varicose veins worse.

Is the treatment permanent, or will they keep coming back?
The treated varicose veins are permanently removed. However, new varicose veins might occur elsewhere. This is less likely with large varicose veins, but more so with spider veins.

Are there other areas of the body that can be treated other than legs?
Of course! Another common area for spider veins is the face, especially around the nose and we can easily treat broken capillaries too.

Is there any scarring involved?
Nope. There should be no permanent scars or blemishes.

Is treating my veins going to break the bank?
Most insurance companies cover serious, medically significant varicose vein treatments. Those treatments that are for purely cosmetic reasons (usually very small and superficial spider veins) are not typically covered by insurance, and cost between $700 to $3000 per treatment session, with some mamas only requiring one treatment.

Sounds great to us! Get ready to put your best leg forward mama by making an appointment at The Vein Centre today!

The Vein Centre
Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard #11-03/04, Singapore 248649
Tel: (+65) 6733 0377
Email: [email protected]

Brought to you in partnership with The Vein Centre.


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