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The Samina Malik Everyday Makeup Tutorial and Becoming a ‘Glam Mama’

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Could your look use a bit of an update? Unsure how to define your cheekbones (or your eyebrows)? Makeup Artist Samina Malik puts our Managing Director through her paces…

Ever felt like you don’t really know what you’re doing when applying your makeup? Or are you overwhelmed when you walk into Sephora? That’s how I feel most of the time. So it was with great expectations that I met with Professional Makeup Artist Samina Malik to try one of her courses and learn some of her tricks.

Samina is no stranger to Sassy Mama, having teamed up with us in January 2015 on a Mama Makeover giveaway with top beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics. She’s a bit of a legend among mamas in Singapore (type “makeup artist” into any Facebook group and hundreds of glowing recommendations will come flooding back!), plus as a mother of four herself with a pretty powerful story about using makeup to overcome bullying and self-esteem issues, I really felt like she understood my fears and concerns. She is truly dedicated to giving mamas some much-deserved “me-time” so they can feel like their most gorgeous selves.

After a quick phone call we arranged for her to come to my house and over a coffee, looked at my current makeup routine and makeup products to see what I could improve on and what products I should try/buy.


Samina walked in looking absolutely fabulous with a large smile on her face, which immediately put me at ease. After a little chat we went straight to business. She looked at how I had done my makeup that morning, checked what I had in my makeup kit and then explained to me what she thought I could change, why and how. As it turns out, my 20-year-old habit of using blue-grey crayon and black mascara only made my eyes look smaller. She was also adamant that I should use something on my lips, and last but not least said I absolutely needed to fill in those blond eyebrows of mine…

Off we went to Sephora. There, Samina was like a fish in the sea. She whirled through the aisles, confidently picking out all sorts of products. Then once she had collected all of the items she thought I should try, she removed my makeup and started trying different products starting with foundations, then contour powders and sticks, eyeliners, eye shadows, all the way to lipsticks. Once she thought something worked she would show me how to apply it on one side of my face and then she would ask me to apply it on the other side. We took videos and photos so that I would remember how to do it.

Throughout the process, Samina remained super professional, fun and extremely patient. I would tell her if I didn’t like something, but most of the time she knew what would look good on me. We also had quite a few giggles when trying on something a little more radical! The biggest reveal for me was defining my eyebrows. It made such a huge difference and according to her this is one of the simplest things you can do to give yourself that polished look. Bear in mind these photos were just taken with an iPhone in rather harsh lighting, too; check out her portfolio to see the full range of gorgeous looks she regularly pulls off!emilie-sassy-mama-hot-mama-before-afterThe tutorial she chose for me is called the GLAM MAMA Makeup Course ($400). This course is for those who want to learn two easy looks. One is a natural, everyday or business appropriate look and the other a more evening, gorgeous glam look to wear when you need to turn up the heat. It includes a natural everyday makeup tutorial, an evening glam makeup tutorial and a makeup kit shopping session at Sephora. Budget about 3 hours and total spend between $700-$900 depending on what you end up buying. You don’t have to buy everything she recommends and you can buy it somewhere else too; can sometimes be cheaper.

Samina is offering this makeup tutorial to any mama along with many other makeup packages. Check out her website for more, mama!

Lead image courtesy of NoFrame Photography. Image #2 courtesy of the author.

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