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Pregnancy Club Giveaway: Win 8 weeks’ worth of fruits & veggies from Sabine’s Baskets!

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Enter our pregnancy giveaway to win 8 weeks’ worth of fresh fruits and veggies from Sabine’s Baskets (plus an exclusive discount for all pregnant mamas!)

Sometimes us mamas (or mamas-to-be) are so pressed for time that we find ourselves staring into the abyss of an empty fridge with no fresh ingredients to cook with…oh, the horror. Don’t blame yourself mama, it happens! What if we told you someone could actually do those wet market runs for you?

Sabine’s Baskets does exactly that: they’ll pick the freshest produce from Singapore’s wet markets and deliver it right to your doorstep. There’s nothing better than getting home from a long day to find a fridge fully stocked with healthy, vitamin-rich fruits and veggies that provide all sorts of goodness for you and your bub! All the produce is responsibly sourced from nearby countries (and some even homegrown!), minimising the carbon footprint where possible. A major highlight is that they also deliver amazing fresh mint and basil – and bread from Tiong Bahru Bakery which no other company does!

sabine's baskets

The order process is simple: pick which basket suits you best, place your order, and select your preferred delivery time slot (there are multiple slots throughout the week!). There’s no contract or annual commitment either, because you’re free to order for however long you feel is best – from a single purchase to multiple weeks ahead!

If you’ve always had to resort to getting packaged goods at the supermarket (whether you’re just too busy, don’t love going to the wet market or you’re just simply not a morning person…) these baskets are a fresher, cheaper and more convenient alternative. Trust us: once bubs arrives you will be grateful for anything that helps you save time (total bonus that it happens to be super good for you!).

sabines baskets Veg

If you don’t know where to get started, some of Sabine’s top sellers include the simple and straightforward Fruit & Veg Combo ($84), which gives you fruits and vegetables with the option of an ‘exotic’ selection of fruits like dragon fruit, papaya, mangosteen and longans, in place of the usual orange and apple. If you’re extra mindful of what’s going into your (and your baby’s) body, consider The Clean Basket ($98), which includes mostly organic produce, and eliminates about 80% of the pesticides and chemicals regularly found in conventionally farmed produce.

140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Perk-greenTo kick off your healthy home delivery produce journey, Sabine’s Baskets is giving all Sassy Mama readers 15% off their first order in June and July with the code SASSY15 at checkout!

What’s more, we’re giving one lucky mama 8 weeks’ worth of their Fruit & Veg Basket worth $672! That’s 8 weeks of worry-free grocery shopping for your fridge, all done just for you! Just enter your deets in the form below and you’ll be all sorted in the kitchen for the next couple of months.

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