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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Confinement Nanny!

Caregiver Asia Confinement nanny
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Confinement nannies from Caregiver Asia, can give you that much-needed care post your child’s birth, mama. Here’s why you should consider getting one too!

Are you expecting a baby soon? Regardless of whether it’s your first, second or third child, dealing with a newborn and the sleepless nights is hard work! From taking care of one’s own postpartum needs to that of a newborn not to mention looking after the rest of the family, it can get quite overwhelming, mama! And that’s why hiring a confinement nanny is increasingly becoming a popular option for expats and locals alike. Caregiver Asia is one of the leading providers of confinement care – both for you and your baby’s needs. Offering pre-and post-natal services for new mums to be. Here are some of the top reasons you too should consider hiring a confinement nanny from them.

Caregiver Asia matches the right nanny with your family

Get the best match for your family’s needs

It’s not easy leaving your bub in someone else’s care. At Caregiver Asia, they make it a point to go the extra mile and match the right person for you and your family’s needs. With over 100 nannies to choose from, it’s as easy as arranging interviews and then screening the ones you like. Background checks for safety and necessary training with reputable companies such as NTUC Learning Hub, ensures that the caregivers are equipped with the right skill sets. Each nanny also comes with at least 4 years of experience on an average so you are certain of being in good hands, mama!

Caregiver Asia provides well trained nannies

Easy peasy!

Heard horror stories about the arduous process of sourcing a confinement nanny? With Caregiver Asia it’s really quite easy! Just select your particular choice of nanny – who comes with other necessary skills such as home nursing, babysitting, confinement care etc; after looking at their profiles online. All bills can be easily settled online or through their very helpful customer service phone line. Mums also get a chance to review and rate each nanny they have tried, so others can benefit from your wisdom and experience too!

Caregiver Asia gives you that extra bit of help post partum

It takes a village…

Most mums who hear about confinement nanny services often wish they knew about Caregiver Asia when they were pregnant! With not enough family around, every little bit of extra help is good to have, mama. And when this extra help is well trained and certified for taking care of little babies as well as tired new mums, why hold back we say!

Need other services too? Caregiver Asia also offers a multitude of other care services outside the pre-and post-natal spectrum. From home nursing, medical escorts to yoga, counselling, chiropractor for babies or even basic home cleaning, they are one handy number to keep on speed dial!

Don’t hold back, mama! Get the help that you and your new baby need from the excellent (and widely popular) team at Caregiver Asia today.Visit their website for further details, including a fab discount just for Sassy Mamas! 

Quote SASSY50 when booking confinement care services at Caregiver Asia and receive 50% off their booking fees for nanny services! (Terms & conditions apply)

Caregiver Asia, +65 6258 6683,

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