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A fun workout for even not-so-hardcore mamas at Spartans Boxing

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Looking for a new workout, mama? No expertise is required at Spartans Boxing, though you’ll feel pretty hardcore by the end of it!

I’m a well-documented fitness junkie, mama, but I may have found my new high: the amazing workout at Spartans Boxing Club. This is a real deal boxing gym with its own ring and experienced, professional instructors from Thailand and the Philippines (two countries that know a thing or two about boxing!), but it is also so mama-friendly. In fact, there’s even a dedicated Ladies’ Boxing class twice a week that’s a huge hit with new mums!

Run by a husband and wife team from the UK, Spartans is a truly open community geared toward all ages (including Kids’ classes for children 6 and up!), demographics and fitness levels. There are also mixed-boxing classes (which I attended, more on that below), Muay Thai and personal self-training options available (check out the full schedule here).

Spartans Boxing Club singapore

When I entered the clean, bright gym on Joo Chiat Road for an evening class, it was already humming with activity: a petite (and super buff!) woman was doing jumping jacks in the back, while a trainer worked out a 30-something guy by one of the boxing bags. The gym’s owner, Naz, showed me and another novice how to wrap our hands (using fresh, clean wraps!) before donning our boxing gloves.

Soon we joined the class, which consisted of three other women and one man. One of the trainers put us through paces for the warm up, which consisted of interval sprints, jump squats, push-ups and sit-ups. This was no joke!

Spartans Boxing Club singapore

Then we planted ourselves in front of the mirror and practiced our different punches – jabs, hooks and uppercuts. I’ve done plenty of kickboxing classes, but few wearing actual gloves. Before moving on to the punching bags, we had to pause for yet more squats, burpees, push-ups and sit-ups. This is a truly awesome interval workout where your heart is beating pretty fast, but just when you think it’ll give out, you move onto toning your muscles at the punching bag.

We also did bob-and-weave drills in the boxing ring, and were pretty much moving and shuffling for the entire 60-minute session (other than intermittent water breaks – thank God for those!). I couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed by; my arms and back were pretty much dead afterwards and the next day, though!

Spartans Boxing Club singapore

I was also really impressed by the other women in the class. I asked one woman, who looked to be in her 40s and seemed particularly adept with her punches, how long she’d been training (assuming she’d been doing it for years) and she told me it was only her third class! So I guess the learning curve isn’t too steep. It’s certainly a fab way to get your aggression out, though!

So whether you want to train with other mamas, work out with your partner, or let your little ones run wild in the kids’ boxing class, give Spartans a look, mama!

Spartans Boxing Club singapore
140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Perk-greenStill not sure boxing’s for you, mama? Spartans is offering Sassy Mamas a free trial class to personally experience the fitness high and get hooked! Sassy Mamas can also take 15% off all boxing packages through 31 March, 2016 — just use the code PR16 when booking.

Spartans Boxing Club, 393 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore, 427625, Tel: (+65) 9457 7910

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