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Sassy Mama x Oddbods: Let’s Play!

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Today we are delighted to introduce a new partnership with Singapore’s own Emmy-nominated comedy show, Oddbods!

In the months to come, mamas, you might notice our pages seem a bit more…animated than usual. Today we are delighted to introduce a new partnership with Oddbods, an award-winning, globally-acclaimed animated comedy show that you (or your kiddos) might recognize from their enormously popular YouTube channel, OKTO, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Did you know that Oddbods is produced right here in Singapore? How cool is that?! There’s a whole lot more to like, too:

Oddbods encourages kids to be themselves; through the seven very different – but all quite lovable – characters, we see that it’s actually our differences that make us stronger when we’re together. Even though they don’t always see eye to eye, the Oddbods don’t just celebrate each other’s successes, they support each other in failure as well. Yes, the Oddbods have got some major grit!

In fact, what really appeals to us about these characters is how much they’re able to convey even though they’re non-verbal. Anger, frustration, sadness, determination, and of course fun and laughter all come through at different points.

Remarkably, some Oddbods clips last just a few seconds, but even in that brief amount of time manage to get their point across. We’ll be injecting these bits of humour into articles here and there (when appropriate) and would encourage you to watch them with your kiddos. You can also look forward to a bit of mood-lightening on our Facebook page every now and again, too.

There’s a little odd in everybody, mamas. Join us in embracing your inner odd!

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