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Sassy Mama DIY: Raincloud Mobile

easy kids craft
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Looking for ways to keep little hands busy over the school holidays? Check out our at-home arts and crafts project of the month, an adorable DIY Raincloud mobile!

This simple at-home arts and crafts project makes great use of recycled materials (including egg cartons and cereal boxes), and is also lots of fun for children who love to paint. Kids 7 and up can probably follow the steps to do it all on their own, but younger kids as young as 3 can certainly help with steps like painting and glueing on cotton balls. Have fun, mamas!

Materials needed:
Recycled Cereal Box
Egg Carton
Blue Acrylic Paint
Cotton Balls
White Glue
Hole Puncher
White Paper (optional)

raincloud mobile craft for kids

Step 1:
Cut cups off the egg cartons and paint the outsides of the cups blue. Once done, set aside to allow them to dry.

raincloud mobile crafts cutting

Step 2:
Open and flatten your cereal box. Using the pen or pencil, draw a cloud on one side, then cut out. You can paste a sheet of white paper on both sides to cover up the design of the cereal box (optional). Punch a hole in the centre at the top of the cloud and some holes at the bottom (the number of holes depends on how many raindrop strands you want to attach).

raincloud mobile craft cotton balls

Step 3:
Glue cotton balls all over the cloud. Remember to leave the holes you have punched uncovered, and glue the cotton balls close together.

raincloud mobile craft cotton string

Step 4:
Once the egg carton cups are completely dry, use your pencil to poke holes in the top. Then string them together. String the cups from bottom up, leaving about 5-10 cm of additional string at the top. This will make it easier for you to attach the raindrop strands onto the cloud.

mobile cloud crafts

Step 5: Tie your raindrop strands onto the bottom holes of your cloud, and cut off any additional string. Attach string to the hole on top, this will allow you to hang your completed raincloud mobile wherever you wish!

diy arts and crafts project for kids raincloud mobile


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