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Perk up with Nestlé Baby Club

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From customised nutrition advice to exclusive monthly vouchers and discounts, the new Nestlé Baby Club is all about supporting mamas on their pregnancy and parenting journey.

Perks. No one makes better use of them than clever mamas, and no one needs them more than new mamas, who can use every time- and money-saving advantage possible! The Nestlé Baby Club not only hooks you up with all sorts of perks, mama — it’s truly dedicated to supporting every mama’s parenthood journey.


The club was started to encourage good nutrition (beginning with pregnancy, continuing right through delivery, breastfeeding, and all other feeding stages from 6 months onwards) and provide key educational resources about child development, with everything from toddler-approved recipes to age-customised nutrition info.

We love the detailed menu planners and how the site addresses important questions like “How much is too much?” while also highlighting monthly milestones. And the recipes are super yummy, mama! Among our faves are this delicious pumpkin soup and a superfood-laden Salmon and Broccoli Rice Cereal (it’s never too early to get bubs loving those Omega-3s!).nestle-baby-club-perks-bag-191016It also provides access to interactive tools and emails with handy parenting resources and advice, along with exclusive member events and promotions. And we haven’t even gotten to the best perk of all, mamas: an amazing ‘New Moms bagfilled with $250 worth of goodies!

Pregnant or new mamas who sign up for Nestlé Baby Club will receive a totally sweet pink tote bag (an awesome diaper bag option, if we do say so ourselves) filled with useful items for their parenting journey. Among our favourites? How ’bout a $150 Bella Luna Spa post-natal massage voucher?! Whether you need to soothe some post-labour aches and pains or are simply after a bit of pampering (and quiet!), we guarantee it’ll feel like heaven.



You’ll also receive a full-sized 350g Nestlé ‘Mom & Me’ nutritional milk supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. High in Folic Acid along with Calcium and Vitamin D, Mom & Me also includes important nutrients like DHA and Iron which are so vital to your baby’s nutrition while you’re breastfeeding. It’s also got Bifidus BL Probiotics, which help fight against harmful bacterial to help maintain a healthy digestive system, both for mama and baby!

All the while, mama, you’ll be receiving monthly mailers with age-customised nutrition tips. We can’t promise that your parenting journey will always be smooth, but we do know it’s a lot better when you’ve got support and others to share it with. So join the club today!

To find out more, mamas, click here to register for your FREE Nestlé Baby Club membership!

Brought to you in partnership with Nestlé Baby Club. 

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