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“I Don’t Care Who Started It!” Sounds Familiar? Solve Sibling Rivalry with This School’s Restorative Approach

Nexus International School Singapore - Conflict Resolution
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Constantly playing the referee? Wouldn’t it be amazing for a school to help with sibling conflict at home? Nexus International School (Singapore) prioritises respectful relationships and the results are far-reaching!

Zen parenting is a goal for many mamas, but we all know how hard it can be to get there when the kids won’t stop fighting. At Nexus International School (Singapore) building respectful relationships is part of the hugely important ‘Restorative Practice’ that leads to a stable, nurturing environment where kids can grow both academically and personally. Read on for tips from Nexus on how you can incorporate Restorative Practice into your own home and say goodbye to those sibling conflicts. Plus if you want to hear more, sign up for its upcoming Parent Workshop on Restorative Practices and Conflict Resolution!

Nexus International School Singapore - Restorative Approach

A school where children are encouraged to try, make mistakes and learn

At Nexus, the goal of Restorative Practice is to create a safe environment where children are encouraged to make mistakes, reflect and try again. It is this process that helps them learn and improve. Restorative Practice actions the philosophy that respectful relationships lie at the heart of a child’s educational experience – something that is embedded into Nexus’ daily interactions and conversations with learners, and in its school ethos.

Three ways to practise Restorative Practice at home

Keen to start nurturing your family’s relationships at home? Before using Restorative Practice, first be aware that the best way to affect change is to do things with your child, instead of for or to them. Nexus International School has these simple tips for the next time you find yourself playing the referee at home:

  • Focus on accountability and healing: In a conflict, focus on your child’s needs. For example, instead of assigning blame, ask questions such as “What happened?”, “Who was affected?” and “What can be done to put things right so we can move forward together?”
  • Take a genuine stance: Be mindful of whether all your children are ready to have a conversation about accountability and healing, and know what you want to ask before initiating the conversation.
  • Have follow-up conversations: Talk to your children about the incident a few days after. This way, you can follow up on the decisions that were made together, which lets you, as the parent, be aware of what support and guidance your children may need from you.

Nexus International School Singapore - Restorative Approach 2

How Nexus helps parents with conflict resolution

Restorative Practice can provide your child with a consistent and stable environment, which is why Nexus emphasises a three-way partnership with its learners, parents, and teachers. Parents are often invited by the school to attend workshops conducted by professionals to help guide them in establishing Restorative Practice methods at home. Staff are also required to undergo frequent training to stay up to date on the latest know-how on managing conflict resolution in school using a restorative approach.

Keen to learn more about Nexus’ approach to Restorative Practice? Contact them to find out more!

Nexus International School (Singapore), 1 Aljunied Walk, Singapore 387293, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6536 6566,

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