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Netflix has just launched in Singapore! Ready to #NetflixandChill, mama?

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Netflix just launched in Singapore! Here’s how it works, and what to watch

Familiar with the term Netflix and Chill’, mama? If not, it’s time to get acquainted as the amahhhhzing video streaming service made a surprising early debut in Singapore (and around the world) yesterday. Hooray!

Thanks to the magic of VPNs, some of us have been lucky enough to use the US version of the site, but it’s now available to most of the world. You can watch anywhere: on your TV, on your computer, on your tablet device or even your phone – all you need is a broadband connection.



What does it cost?

In terms of pricing, here’s the rundown, mama:

  • Packages start from $10.98 a month for Basic service (with the first month free), allowing streaming to one device at a time in standard definition quality
  • ​The Standard package is priced at $13.98 a month, offering high-definition content on two devices at the same time
  • ​The Premium service package is priced at $16.98, offering ultra high-definition content across four devices at one time. This is great if you have a big household!

If you compare this to what you pay for cable (where even one channel can cost $15/month), this is an amazing deal. It’s little wonder so many people are “cutting the cord” when you’ve got virtually unlimited, on-demand, commercial-free entertainment at your fingertips.

What to Watch

The word binge took on new meaning when we got Netflix. Just as one episode ends, there’s a 10-second countdown before the next episode automatically launches. So clever!

Netflix reportedly has over 36,000 titles split between movies and TV shows (with more than 600 hours of original content alone!), meaning you could stream unique content for the next six and a half years. But we know you’ve got other things to do, mama. So here’s my highly scientific (and totally biased) list of the best shows to watch on Netflix. (I won’t get into movies, but this list is a good place to start. Anyone who recommends Clueless and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is AOK in my book!).

The jury is still out on whether Singapore will be censoring content, and apparently the full US catalogue isn’t yet available due to local licensing deals, but here’s what you should plan to watch, if you can:


Breaking Bad
Probably the best show of all time; clever, shocking, kind of funny and very sad. The first season starts off a little slowly but I promise by the second season you’ll be hooked! (As a bonus, apparently the spin-off show Better Call Saul is being offered in Singapore, even though it’s unavailable as of yet in the States).

Orange is the New Black
This Netflix show set in a women’s prison is brilliant, hilarious (though I’d personally say it’s more of a drama than a comedy), and more diverse than just about anything on TV. It uses flashback to the best effect since Lost. It’s got some very risqué sex scenes, so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s censored in Singers.


Making a Murderer
This Netflix original documentary just launched last week and has the whole country abuzz with the fascinating true story of a man who was imprisoned for sexual assault and attempted murder, then exonerated and released, then convicted and sentenced to life without parole for another murder – apparently under shady legal circumstances.

House Hunters
This reality show where people look for houses or apartments is on here but watching the little episodes commercial free is like popping delicious bites of candy. I particularly love the House Hunters International episodes set in Singapore, it’s so fun watching other people’s apartment hunts without any of the stress!


Master of None
This new 30-minute show from hilarious comedian Aziz Ansari examines not only the life of a single 20-something New Yorker (on the surface pretty standard sitcom fare), but also the immigrant experience (his parents play themselves and his Dad is a total scene-stealer) and Ansari’s own experience as an Indian-American actor. Ultimately it’s actually pretty thought-provoking. Bonus points for the great NYC scenery – watching often left me very hungry!

One of the most beloved sitcoms of all time is available in its entirety – yes, all 10 seasons! It’s apparently enjoyed a major renaissance in the US as teenagers who were too young to watch it the first time around are now discovering it (and in turn developing totally unrealistic expectations about the size and cost of New York apartments). If you’ve got tweens or teens, mama, this is a great one for some bonding!


Kids’ Programming
Netflix offers a nice range of animated and live-action series. I haven’t taken advantage as of yet but it’s got classics like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Reading Rainbow, along with current popular offerings like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Dragon Tales and Zooboomafoo.

Netflix lets you try out the service for free for a month, so sign up today, mama (and we’ll talk to you on Monday morning, because you’re not gonna want to leave your couch this weekend!).

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