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March Holiday Fun: Theatre Shows & Workshops About Bullying at Esplanade’s March On 2022

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There’s lots to do at Esplanade this March! The annual March On festival is back from 9 – 13 March, with kid-friendly plays (many of which are FREE), workshops on bullying and photo exhibitions

Do you have plans for the March school holidays? Esplanade’s annual March On children’s festival is back with performances and activities for kids and the whole family! March On is known for exploring relevant issues affecting the young through engaging multi-disciplinary programmes and participatory arts experiences, making it a fun light-hearted way to broach tough issues like bullying with kids! Check out the top 5 highlights of March On below:

1. I Have Something to Say: Theatre

11 – 13 Mar 2022, 11am & 3pm | 1-hour play at Esplanade Theatre

We’ve all heard the increasing number of news stories on bullying, often in schools, sometimes at work and elsewhere in various forms. Anyone could be a victim, a bystander, or even knowingly or unknowingly, a bully. How can young children deal with this, or seek help? I Have Something to Say is a theatre production that uses music, movement, and multimedia to help children explore the topic of bullying in a safe space. The play draws from stories, ideas and drawings shared by children in Singapore through organised workshops and an open call submission and hopes to give children and adults alike the language to have honest conversations about bullying.

There are also family workshops on bullying (12-13 March) and children’s workshops on bullying (11 March).

2. The Legend of Bukit Merah: Hang Nadim and the Garfish: Interactive Theatre (FREE!)

11 March, 6pm & 12 March, 2pm | 1-hour play at Esplanade Recital Studio

Have you heard of The Legend of Bukit Merah, the story behind how Bukit Merah (Redhill) got its name? The Legend of Bukit Merah: Hang Nadim and the Garfish explores the origins behind Bukit Merah and how it came to be. Featuring an indoor obstacle course with six different stations as story chapters, you will be guided through the story of Hang Nadim as they overcome each obstacle together with the actors!

3. Arianna on Another Island: Theatre (FREE!)

11 & 12 Mar 2022, 4pm | 1-hour play at Esplanade Recital Studio

This free theatre show for little ones (best for kids aged 3-6 years old) starts off one night when little Arianna is told the story of Ariadne, the princess who was lost on the island of Naxos. As she drifts off to sleep, Arianna wakes up on a strange island. Not Naxos, but Singapore! She encounters trees, animals and mermaids as she learns more about her relationship with nature.

4. Hello Pen Pal!: Performance and Activity (FREE!)

9 – 13 Mar 2022, 11am, 2pm & 4.30pm | 45-minute play and activity at PIP’s PLAYbox

Hello Pen Pal! is a performance and activity for kids. Francesca Tiong is a chatty and loud lady who loves to dance and sing – she’s not your ordinary auntie that you meet over dinners or holidays at family gatherings! Most extraordinary of all is that she loves writing letters to her pen pals. She has so many letters in that suitcase of hers, but who are her pen pals? Where are they from? What is written in them? What stories do you think she has? Join Francesca as she lets you in on her favourite hobby, and on some parts, you might find some of her pen pals rather familiar if you pay attention!

5. This is What We Eat at Home: Photo Exhibition

9 – 31 Mar 2022, guided tours available 11 – 13 & 18 – 20 Mar, 5pm & 6pm at Esplanade Courtyard

This is What We Eat at Home is a participatory photography project featuring 12 children and youths from very diverse households in Boon Lay. Through capturing meal preparations and candid sharing of their life experiences, these families shed light on a diversity of caregiving models, heritage and value systems that exist in a socially complex community in Singapore.

On top of these fun plays, there are also a number of Youth Lead workshops conducted by the youths for the young. Check out the full line-up of programmes so you can start planning activities for the March school holidays!

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