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Lollibox: A new crafting subscription box for kiddos!

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lollibox_dcgBefore I had kids I always thought I would be such an arts and crafts-type mummy, always rolling out the newspaper to get stuck into some finger-painting. But then I actually had little ones and found that I’m a bit, “Ewww, mess, no thanks” and that my solutions to kid boredom are more centred around packing little ones up in a stroller and pounding the pavements. I always feel a bit bad for my lack of creative energy when I hear about how friends spend happy hours elbow-deep in paint, so when I heard about Lollibox, which sends you a fun little package of crafting materials each month, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Lollibox2The Contents of the Box

We’re deep in summer holidays mode at our house, which means I’m fast running out of inspiration for activities (shameful as a Sassy Mama I know!), so when our Lollibox arrived we ditched my weak plan for haircuts and got stuck in straight away. The Lollibox we received had a Beach theme, and three separate creative activities: a beach ball to paint, a flower lei necklace to make, and a sun visor to decorate. Lollibox is designed for kids aged 3-7, so my oldest daughter is a little bit under the target age at 2 and three quarters, but she was super-excited by it, and my littlest daughter (11 months) played with the box and put the packaging materials on her head — something for everybody!

lollibox3The things I liked about Lollibox are firstly, that instructions are SUPER-simple — there’s nothing to figure out, you just open up the packages and GO! Secondly, they kick off a meaningful interaction with your child as the theme gives you a fun talking point. I took some cues from the suggestions on the instruction cards and chatted about things we might need to bring with us to the beach, what we do at the beach, and when we’re next going to go to the beach etc. Lastly (for the neat freak in me!), not all the activities were messy!

lollibox5The only downside when it came to Lollibox was that I felt like we finished it a bit quickly — the making of the lei necklace probably held my daughter’s attention the longest, as that involved threading with a big plastic needle and elastic, which was challenging for her fine motor skills. Even though we cycled through the various activities within about 35 minutes, we probably could have dragged it out a bit more, or split the activities up over two separate sessions. The fun part was that finishing felt like quite an achievement – my daughter was able to wear her visor, necklace and hold her beach ball, and receive her completion badge as a “prize”!


Once we had finished our crafting session, all that was left was the clean-up, and, as we like to keep it real here at Sassy Mama, here’s a pic of the devastation that was wrought on our living room! A fun afternoon of messy fun was had by all!

Lollibox starts from $84.90 for a three month subscription, ranging to $336.50 for a 12 month subscription with one month free! Find out more details or subsribe via their website.



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