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Communication 101: Life Skills that Actually Help Kids Succeed

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It’s never too early to help your child communicate effectively, mama! It’s one of a core set of life skills that help children succeed in the classroom, their careers, and everywhere else life takes them!

The importance of communication for young kids can’t be underestimated – not just for academic success but for personal growth. If your kiddo can express himself or herself clearly and articulately, s/he can not only ace that class but also communicate what s/he doesn’t understand.

At The Keys Academy, they know communication is crucial for kids to be successful in school right now, as well as in their future studies, career, and relationships. Your child will perfect the key processes of listening, understanding, questioning, and responding through The Keys’ unique “Debater” track. It’s not just for little lawyers-in-the-making: it’s for everyone who knows the value of great communication!

The Keys is the real deal when it comes to classes that are both engaging and rigorous — your kiddo will be having so much fun they won’t even notice how much they’re learning! The Debater Track was designed in-house by The Keys’ experts, and is comprised of a pathway of classes in Critical Thinking, Writing, and Persuasion.

The Keys Academy offers this and other life skills tracks for kids to truly learn and grow; each course is offered in the same time slot all year round, so you never need to juggle your kiddo’s busy schedule around. The learning pathway is both interdisciplinary and gradated, so students learn to combine these skills in an increasingly complex way.

For kids aged 6-8, the “Little Debater” course helps students learn how to communicate ideas clearly and logically in both written and spoken contexts. This course covers the fundamentals of communication skills, giving them that crucial foundation for understanding and conveying information and opinions.

For those a little older (9-11 years old), The Keys has designed a “Jr Debater” track that starts off with Creative Writing. In this class, your kiddo becomes a convincing and compelling storyteller through writing … though you might find that their storytelling leaps off the page! Dinner table tales might also get a little more adventurous: move aside for the next family novelist!

Once they’ve nailed that creativity, it’s time for some arguments (they need to practice on someone other than their parents, right?). The next step is Reason & Debate class where they construct cogent arguments, and learn to describe their premises and conclusions. Back at the dinner table, don’t be surprised when they employ some serious debate techniques in their protests over that last piece of broccoli!

After Reason & Debate, kids can take an advanced 4-week workshop called “Secrets of Great Lawyers”, where they learn how to win debates using factual analysis, persuasive speaking and effective listening.  It’s taught by The Keys’ Cambridge-educated lawyer-in-training Nigel, who loves showing little ones around an imaginary courtroom.

They’ll use a real-life case study, role-playing anyone from a judge to the prosecutor.  Next thing you know your kiddo will be saying “Mom, I object!” This is a fantastic capstone experience, and a crucial lesson for children to learn that sometimes there is no clear right or wrong answer — it’s about how you present your case.

Every lesson at The Keys Academy is tied to real-world situations, because it all goes back to encouraging and developing necessary 21st century skills to succeed. Students build self-confidence, improve teamwork skills and become information-seeking critical thinkers. In short, they’re not only learning skills that will help them do better on tests, they’re becoming bright, curious leaders. And who doesn’t want that for their kids?!

140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Peark-greenHave we got you as excited as we are, mamas? (Seriously, we wish we could take some of these awesome-looking classes!). For a limited time, Sassy Mamas can enjoy all enrichment courses at a very special rate of $425,and $660 for academic courses! This promotion is limited to 2 courses per student and subject to availability, mama!

The Keys Academy, Odeon Towers, Level 2, 331 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188720, Tel: (+65) 6734 8559

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