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Reggio Emilia-inspired Childcare; The Blue House Way!

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Looking for a Reggio Emilia-inspired full day programme that values hands-on child-led learning? Blue House Childcare has now opened bringing the Blue House Difference to the east

Whether you’re looking for a Reggio Emilia-inspired full day, year-round childcare or a half-day programme so your child can dip their toes into a unique early years’ experience, consider the programmes at Blue House Childcare East Coast!

Founded by the folks at Blue House Nursery & International Preschool (the pioneers of the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach in Singapore since 2008!) Blue House Childcare was born out of the desire to bring the image of the child as capable, curious, and full of creativity to childcare in Singapore. A place where children can be themselves and feel empowered to explore while parents can rest easy with the highest standards of responsive care available all year round.

The Blue House Difference comes to the east

Blue House’s long established history began when the available early years options in the early 2000s didn’t offer the experience and engagement the founders wanted for their own children. Since then, they have carved an early years path that is recognised globally as something that is uniquely Blue House. Educators and families alike often refer to the Blue House difference. This year, they have chosen to respond to a strong demand by families for a centre in the East of Singapore, that offers a strong bilingual programme and full day, year round care.

An inviting environment

Their new childcare centre in Rambai Road is a homely environment filled with carefully curated furnishings and children’s resources, a beautiful verandah where children are welcomed for breakfast in the mornings, a stunning alfresco art atelier and shaded decking that gives children opportunities to spend as much time outside as they choose.

A unique approach to childcare

Don’t our days often feel rushed? Blue House recognises the benefits of an unhurried programme for children that facilitates exploration, discovery, discussion and revisiting of ideas. And because of that, routines are approached with sensitivity and flexibility. Showers and naps during the day will be decided upon in consultation with families, while meals from home are welcomed, in order to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences, or families can choose the meals provided. With a good educator-to-child ratio, the childcare prioritises children’s unique needs, responding with respect and inclusivity towards various cultural and parental expectations.

Bilingual Mandarin Emergent Curriculum

The Mandarin and English educators at Blue House work concurrently along a common line of inquiry led by the children’s interest. Mandarin is introduced through daily exposure and use, ensuring long-term proficiency.

With values of community, creativity, collaboration, openness, sustainability and environment, you can trust that Blue House is a big advocate for children – they strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them to embark on meaningful and relevant discovery of the world around them. Blue House challenges the traditional childcare model with the goal of pioneering the best childcare in Singapore. At every juncture, children are presented with unique, open ended materials in an engaging environment that encourages investigation and collaboration to problem solve, hypothesise and test theories. From enjoying a healthy meal served family-style to embarking on inquiries and projects with friends, your child will receive unique, quality care, the Blue House way!

If you’d like to experience the innovative ways that Blue House Childcare supports every child to be confident owners in their learning journey, they’ll be happy to arrange a visit. And if the East Coast is further than you can travel, fret not! More Blue House Childcare centres are set to open soon, bringing premier responsive, quality care and education your way!

Blue House Childcare, 17 Rambai Road, Singapore 424336,

Brought to you in partnership with Blue House

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