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Here’s How ‘Singapore Math’ Has Helped Students in International Schools

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Singapore Math has become a gold standard for mathematics internationally. Even Hilary Duff’s kids learn it! So how can international school students benefit?

Could you solve the Helen and Ivan PSLE problem sum from this year’s Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE)? Albeit tough, the problem sum got everyone thinking and tapping away at calculators…though the answers were actually easier to arrive at than we thought. What we do know is that ‘Singapore Math’ (the style of mathematics being used in local schools) has become so internationally acclaimed that it’s now being used by over 50 education systems around the world – and even kids of celebrities like Hilary Duff are learning it!

Singapore Math is known for moving away from rote learning and honing problem-solving skills instead. Based on the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach to learning, Singapore Math is often taught using a ‘3-stage process’ where a concept is represented initially by tangible materials, later by models (eg. pictures) and then finally by abstract notation. Students are encouraged to learn mathematical problems with visual aids, such as coloured blocks and other toys or physical materials. Students are often given time to think deeply about the math problem and to really understand concepts at a relational level rather than as a set of rules or procedures, allowing them to create a solid maths foundation upon which to build increasingly complex skills.

With a strong math foundation as the ultimate goal for Singapore Math, students gain the ability to adapt their skills into various curricula – so it doesn’t matter if your child is learning the MOE Syllabus, going into IB or IGCSE!

How Seriously Addictive Maths can complement international school curricula as an enrichment programme

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) is the world’s largest Singapore Math enrichment program for children aged 4-12 years old, helping children develop interest and understanding (the very essence of Singapore Math) instead of drilling and memorisation.

You may think, “But math is math! How different could it be?” The approach makes all the difference. S.A.M’s Singapore Math program helps children develop a strong math foundation and complements what they learn in school. S.A.M cultivates interest and understanding in students using a coaching approach, fun hands-on activities to learn new concepts, and a lot of encouragement so students are engaged and build their confidence in math. Kids will develop advanced thinking and problem-solving skills thanks to the explicit teaching of problem-solving heuristics. This way, students can apply their skills to different math questions they’ve not encountered before. No more memorising procedures and steps!

S.A.M is also great at creating personalised learning plans that cater to each child’s level and pace, with small group class sizes so that each child gets ample attention. Children will be guided with independent practice using comprehensive worksheets to help them develop math mastery and good study habits, to be self-disciplined, and allowing them to learn in class, at home and in school.

Read this mama’s review of Seriously Addictive Maths!

“Prior to joining S.A.M, my daughter Grace did not enjoy maths. She struggled with mathematical thinking and lacked any confidence in her mathematical ability. She would shy away from any maths problems and as a result she was placed in the middle maths band at school.

What I really liked about S.A.M was that their worksheets were tailored to the students abilities/levels, and that it wasn’t classroom based so there wouldn’t be any risk of comparison with other children. I also liked that the children would gain exposure to Singapore Maths (which is great coming from an international school) and that they would be introduced to more word problems. The trainers ask Grace what she is learning at school and look to tailor the worksheets to support the school topic which is a good way for her to reinforce her knowledge. The school has also switched to having more focus on problem solving and the experience gained at S.A.M has definitely helped with this.

S.A.M worksheets have been good – the structure of introducing the concept, working through examples then finishing on more complex word problems is good. The trainers are patient (they need to be with my kids) and my children find them supportive. S.A.M has helped to build up Grace’s confidence in her overall maths ability and accelerated her learning to the point where she has now moved up to the top level maths class at school and is excelling there. It has shown her different ways of thinking about maths problems and she is much more positive in her approach to learning.”

– Elena, mother to Grace (10), Dulwich College Singapore student

Contact Seriously Addictive Maths for a complimentary math assessment (worth $60) to find out your child’s current math abilities so S.A.M can help your child improve, enjoy and excel in math!

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