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Tots Learn Social Skills, Digital Skills and Global Citizenship Alongside Math and Literacy at NTUC First Campus!

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Looking for affordable, high-quality childcare? Holistic education at My First Skool and Little Skool-House prioritises building relationships and digital intelligence alongside academics. Good news! More places are opening up – here’s what to know.

Have you heard? NTUC First Campus (NFC), the preschool operator behind My First Skool and Little Skool-House, is planning to offer up to 4,000 new preschool places for children over the next two years! This brings the total number of preschool places to more than 30,000 across their 170 preschool centres, making enrolment in their centres more accessible. This ensures your child will get a spot at one of their centres if you choose to enrol in My First Skool or Little Skool-House!

Quality preschool education for all children

Since its beginnings in 1977, NFC has aimed to provide excellent childcare services to young families in all neighbourhoods. Through its two preschool brands – My First Skool and Little Skool-House – that are both Anchor Operator and Partner Operator respectively, children have access to quality preschool education at an accessible price point all over Singapore. With experienced pedagogists and passionate teachers under its helm, the curriculum at both preschool brands is constantly innovated and enhanced to ensure a meaningful and engaging learning experience for every child.

New future-ready curriculum nurtures social skills, global citizenship and digital skills

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NFC preschools will update its curriculum to nurture children with three vital skills: building relationships, understanding the world around them and digital skills. This is in addition to building strong fundamentals in core math and literacy – so children get a truly all-rounded, holistic education experience!

Supporting children with diverse learning needs

What we also love about NFC’s preschools is their belief in every child’s unique learning needs and preferences – even those with diverse learning needs. The educators at My First Skool and Little Skool-House are trained to give every child a meaningful and engaging learning experience in school. NFC offers a range of programmes to support children with learning needs and continues to develop new programmes. Its team of 90 multi-disciplinary professionals, such as classroom co-facilitators, in-house therapists, learning support educators and early interventionists support 1,800 children with learning and development needs every year, as well as children from low-income and vulnerable families.

So whether you’re after a high-quality educational experience in the heartlands, accessible school fees or a preschool that will offer support for different learning abilities, look no further than NTUC First Campus.

Find out more about their preschools and how to enrol here!

Brought to you in partnership with NTUC First Campus

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