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3 Ways Forest School Inspires Excellence in Children

forest school in singapore kids treehouse for outdoor learning
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Encourage a fun sense of adventure and nature exploration in your child through a unique forest school experience in Singapore!

Growing up with the pressures of school, a packed schedule of enrichment classes and tutoring, plus the pull of screen time can take its toll on little learners. What can you offer your kids to balance this out? Have you heard of the forest school concept in Singapore where learning happens through outdoor play in nature? Kidz Treehouse believes that nature is the best playground and offers a weekly outdoor learning experience for children aged 3.5 to 7 years old. Kids get to enjoy the outdoors while developing critical 21st-century skills such as problem-solving skills, resilience, confidence and social skills – all through play!

Benefits of a forest school:

1.Strengthens character and social-emotional skills

The forest school experience immerses children in the world of flora and fauna and offers unique creative activities for children to develop their soft skills whilst having fun. So while your little one is running outdoors, building structures with sticks, observing nature and discussing habitats of the insects they find, they are also developing grit and resilience, appreciation of nature, socio-emotional skills, creative expressions and psychomotor skills. The Explorers by Kidz Treehouse programme is drop-off, so children have the freedom to explore on their own, and in doing so build their independence and confidence.

forest school in singapore kids treehouse for outdoor learning

2. Develops independence and love of learning

The Explorers by Kidz Treehouse programme has unique signature activities, designed by experienced educators or ‘Nature Rangers’. Nature Rangers will create a respectful and nurturing environment, allowing your child to grow as holistic young learners with 21st-century skills. When children connect with the great outdoors, they gain a greater sense of concentration and curiosity, allowing them to retain knowledge and engage in learning better.

3. Promotes appreciation of nature and global awareness

Another benefit of attending a forest school in Singapore is the chance to see the wonders of nature in our green city! Your kids will be running about on the grass and navigating natural terrain so they will improve their motor fitness and develop a love and understanding of the environment around them.

This is a unique forest school experience with a learner-centric approach where self-discovery is encouraged, enabling each child to take away different perspective from each experience. With their newfound sense of adventure and curiosity, kids are well on their way to becoming innovative change-makers and visionary leaders of tomorrow.

forest school in singapore kids treehouse for outdoor learning

Continue learning with nature in the comfort of your own home with the Busy-Kidz Box by Kidz TreehouseThe Kidz Treehouse Busy-Kidz Box is a fun-filled sustainability-themed activity box designed with the forest school philosophy to deepen your child’s understanding of the environment as well as develop their fine motor and sensory skills. The Busy-Kidz Box, developed by experienced early childhood educators, grows your child’s empathy, creativity and appreciation for nature. Busy-Kidz Box Boxes of Bee Green, Earth Day and Botany Play all have different activities and themes – they make for a great parent-child bonding activity!

Interested to get your kids involved in the forest school experience? Find the deets below.

Explorers by Kidz Treehouse Programme

What: The Explorers by Kidz Treehouse programme is a weekly outdoor learning experience for children aged 3.5-7
When: Mondays and Tuesdays, 8:30am-12pm or 2pm-5:30pm
Where: Check out this link for more information on programme venue and dates.
How much: For fun packages, head over to this link.

Every child grows at a different pace. For the best learning experience, sign up for the complete 10-week Explorers by Kidz Treehouse session through the registration form or enquire about an introductory class by emailing,, Facebook:

Brought to you in partnership with Kidz Treehouse

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