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Looking to Boost Your Child’s Confidence & Communication Skills? Why Literacy and Speech & Drama Classes Could Be the Answer

Wonderlit Literacy and Speech & Drama classes
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Give your child’s communication skills and confidence a boost with Wonderlit’s unique literacy and speech & drama programmes for children 2.5 years old up to 12 years old!

Literacy and speech & drama classes offer a great many benefits for little ones. Not only do these classes set the foundation for reading and writing, raise your child’s confidence and hone excellent communication skills, but they can also encourage creativity, empathy and maturity. Whether you have a toddler or a 12-year-old, introducing your child to age-appropriate literature, public speaking and drama skills will open up a whole new world to them! Wonderlit offers a fun, innovative and personalised approach to literacy and speech & drama enrichment for children aged 2.5 years and up. Let’s take a look at each of their programmes so you can see which one is best for your child (plus scroll to the end for free trial classes and how to get a 20% discount)!

Hands-on learning

Wonderlit steers clear of rote learning or boring memorisation. Instead, their hands-on learning programmes – all of which are conducted at their thoughtfully designed, whimsical studio in Orchard Road – blend the latest digital audiovisual technology into a series of carefully developed programmes that inspire creativity in children. Wonderlit’s curriculum meets international certifications for communications skills and drama performing and fulfils the demands of oral syllabuses in Singapore’s schools.

Wonderlit Studio

Literacy and speech & drama classes for different age groups

Wonderlit’s one-of-a-kind enrichment programme comprises several structured, well-curated programmes. Each one is designed to complement the other, making it part of a big-picture approach. There are four programmes to choose from:

1. Wonderlit Read
Suitable for: Ages 2.5 to 10
This enrichment programme instils a love for the written word and utilises captivating yet age-appropriate literature, solid instruction in blending and segmenting sounds, word-decoding systems and more to help your child master reading skills at all levels. Before enrollment, your child will undergo a pre-assessment test to determine the most suitable programme level for them.

2. Wonderlit Speak
Suitable for: Ages 7 to 12
Wonderlit Speak focuses on presentation, public speaking and stimulus conversations as well as creative and critical thinking plus collaboration skills. The programme incorporates the Trinity Communication Skills framework and the Singapore MOE Oral & Communication syllabus. Children will also work towards a graded Communication Skills examination by Trinity College London at the end of the year.

3. Wonderlit Perform
Suitable for: Ages 3 to 12
Lights, camera, action! Wonderlit Perform provides children with the experience to perform in front of an audience. Children are guided to use relevant theatre skills, and the activities aim to help them understand the vocal and physical skills taught through various works and studies of other literary pieces, so they can use these skills in daily life. Children will undergo a graded Speech and Drama and/or Performance Arts examination by Trinity College London at the end of the year.

4. Wonderlit Coach
Suitable for: All ages
A bespoke coaching programme, Wonderlit Coach is just for kids who need additional mentoring. Personal coaches work with children individually or in groups of four, providing the help they need to achieve the best results possible. The coaching complements any of Wonderlit’s programmes and is also suitable for interview preparation, Trinity exams, MOE oral exams or Direct School Admission (DSA) tests.

Wonderlit Group Classes

Personalised learning journeys

Wonderlit’s exciting programmes are conducted by a professionally qualified team of educators that prioritise your child’s individual growth and improvement. This is achieved by various means and avenues. For example, your child’s learning journey is tracked through the Wonderlit app, which offers parents easy access to their progress. Furthermore, Wonderlit also provides periodic progress reports, biannual parent-teacher sessions and annual showcases on their own platform stage. The end goal is to bring out your child’s confidence and creativity, so they can become great storytellers for life.

Want your child to try Wonderlit’s awesome programmes? Call 6980 5670 to arrange for a free trial!*
* Free trials are available based on existing classes and timeslots.

Use promo code SASSY to get 15% off on term fees until 30 November 2021!

Wonderlit, 442 Orchard Road, Claymore Connect, #03-08 to #03-12, Singapore 238879, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6980 5670,

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