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Admissions Now Open for Year 7 & Year 8 at Brighton College (Singapore): English Curriculum International School

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Students at Brighton College (Singapore) thrive through personalised learning that fosters curiosity and confidence. Exciting news, admissions are now open for Year 7 and Year 8 (for 12 and 13-year-olds) so apply now!

Every parent wants the best for their child and hopes to see them succeed. With so many options for their education, it can be tough to choose the curriculum and teaching method that will bring out the best in your child. Brighton College (Singapore) offers a unique curriculum for children 18 months to 13 years through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the English National Curriculum. In addition to helping your child develop skills that will serve as the backbone for their future careers, its programmes give students the opportunity to develop curiosity, confidence and kindness for the people around them. The exciting news here is that Brighton College (Singapore) has just started admissions for Year 7 and Year 8 – you can find out more about how to apply at the upcoming Open House events.

Emotional Well-Being is a Priority

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While in many schools there is often great emphasis on textbook education, Brighton College (Singapore) makes a concerted effort to nurture its students’ emotional well-being as well. Caring teachers create an outward-looking culture that teaches kids to pay attention to the needs of the people around them. Given the opportunity to acquire this essential emotional awareness empowers students to engage with the local community, gain awareness of global issues and creatively find ways to meet the needs of the world around them. Through this, the students develop kindness to make a positive difference in the world, confidence in building positive relationships and meeting the needs of others, and a curiosity to seek out opportunities to impact the world for the greater good.

An Ambitious English Curriculum

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Since opening its doors in 2020, the friendly and experienced team of educators at Brighton College (Singapore) step into their classrooms every day to create opportunities for students to ignite curiosity, ask questions, and form opinions with an acute attentiveness to the world around them. Each teacher intentionally curates the learning programme based on the interests of the students so that they develop a lifelong love of learning and show up to class excited for the next challenge. The rigorous curriculum sets the foundation for each child to acquire skills that will help them understand and question the world we live in so that they can successfully impact the world with innovative ideas.

Admissions Open for Years 7 and 8

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Up until this year, Brighton College (Singapore) is the only Prep School in Singapore for children from 18 months old to 11 years old (Year 6). But starting in August 2023, they will begin offering classes for students in Years 7 and 8 (12 and 13 years old, respectively). While admissions is open all year round, Brighton College (Singapore) invites you to its upcoming Open House events to get a first-hand experience of their vibrant campus, meet the friendly team of educators and discover how your child could thrive on its campus. No obligation. Just a simple invitation with an open door. Who knows? You might just find the school you’ve been searching for all along!

Here are all the details:

Brighton College (Singapore) Open House (In-Person)
When: 20 May 2023, 9am; 23 June 2023, 10am
Where: Brighton College (Singapore), 1 Chuan Ln, Singapore 554299
How much: Free! Click here to register.

Brighton College (Singapore) Open House (Virtual)
When: 3 May 2023, 4pm; 14 June 2023, 4pm
Where: Online
How much: Free! Click here to register.

 Brighton College (Singapore), 1 Chuan Ln, Singapore 554299, Tel: (+65) 6505 9790, [email protected],

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