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4 Unexpected Places to Catch Kids Music Performances in Singapore

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From the Esplanade to the Zoo, there are all sorts of great kids music venues in Singapore mama. Here’s why an early love of music is so vital for your kiddos, and where you can help develop it!

Did you know that Albert Einstein played the violin from age 6? In fact, he credited much of his inspiration and intuition for his work to a music education.

We’ve all heard that exposure to musical experiences benefits kiddos’ development by building social and emotional skills, cognitive skills, language capabilities and improved memory. Next month, the Australian International School (AIS) will introduce a specialist Early Years music curriculum to offer all this and more. The Orff Musical Literacy Programme and weekly violin lessons will prepare students to participate in one of 16 music ensembles and 100 performance opportunities annually.

You can get a head start on all these fantastic benefits by checking out one of these unexpected spots for music in Singapore:


Victoria Concert Hall
Check out the ongoing “Babies’ Proms” offering an amazing musical adventure discovering the fun and fantastic world of the orchestra and its different instruments. Later this month be sure to catch the Christmas Concert featuring the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir.


Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall
Whilst most concerts in this prestigious music hall are for the over 6 set, school performances can offer an amazing opportunity for your little one to experience the grandeur of this classical music venue and be inspired by young performers. The AIS Music Ensemble, taking place annually in this concert hall, showcases a range of music styles, including choirs, jazz, soul and a piano concerto! Watch out for next year’s performance in June.


Gardens By The Bay
Lunchtime musical experiences offer the opportunity to take in nature as well as music. The AIS choir performed in March for Mother’s Day in a performance alongside the Philharmonic Winds. This December, your little one can be enthralled by vocals of 12 year old soprano Lauren Yeo. 


Singapore Zoo
The Zoo might not be the first place that springs to mind for music, but time it right and you can combine a musical sensory experience with saying hello to the animals. At the opening of the Koala exhibition at Singapore Zoo, the AIS elementary Choir had the chance to be among the first children to say hello to our new visitors.


Preparation for these amazing performance opportunities starts early, which is why your child will love the Orff approach being introduced at AIS. Created by German composer Carl Off, it imitates natural movements of a child’s play, such as running and jumping, to create and teach music. Children as young as 2 experiment with sounds and pitches of various instruments, xylophones, gongs, bongs, and bells and jingles, sing, dance, and generally have a blast. At age 3, children progress to weekly violin lessons, improving finger dexterity, posture and stamina — all skills your child will need for classroom success.

To find out more about AIS’ Early Years Programme and exceptional music opportunities, book a personal tour or call +65-66537906.

Australian International School, 1 Lorong Chuan Singapore 556818, Tel: (+65) 6883 5155

Australian International School Pte ltd is registered by the Council for Private Education. 
CPE Registration Number 199204405H. Period Of Registration 6 July 2015 to 5 July 2019.

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