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Easties, Did You Know Parkway East Hospital Has a 24Hr Walk-in A&E Clinic, Senior Specialists & Personalised Care?

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When it comes to healthcare, quality is of the utmost importance. Here’s why Easties in the know will tell you that Parkway East Hospital is their provider of choice!

Singapore’s East Coast is synonymous with family-friendly fun, thanks to its cycling paths, relaxing beaches, picnic spots and some of the best restaurants on the red dot. But did you know that the East Coast is also home to quality healthcare for the whole family? Parkway East Hospital is a not-so-secret gem that’s been the healthcare provider of choice for east side residents over decades. Whether you’re in need of emergency medical care after being stung by a stingray at East Coast beach or need a specialist for pressing health issues, Parkway East Hospital will be there for you. Let’s find out why this healthcare provider is such a fave with Easties.

Short wait times and quality doctors

Suffered an injury while cycling around East Coast Park? Or maybe the kids cut their knees on sharp rocks at the beach? Whatever your medical emergency, Parkway East Hospital has a 24-hour, walk-in A&E clinic that caters to all patients, especially kids, senior citizens and serious accidents. Best of all, waiting times are kept to an absolute minimum – the average wait time is around one hour. You’ll see a doctor quickly, making the entire process a stress-free experience. Those in need of specialist medical attention or a follow-up consultation won’t have to wait months to see a doctor either, as the hospital makes it possible for you to see a specialist within 48 hours. What we know residents in the East will love most is that Parkway East Hospital is close to home, so patients get full access to senior doctors and you’ll get to choose a doctor that you feel suits your needs best.

Healthcare for the whole family

Building up trust with your healthcare provider is vital, especially if you’ve got a home full of active kiddos or if you’re responsible for ageing parents. Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was one hospital that could meet all your family’s needs so that you could build a relationship with them and have it as part of your community? Parkway East Hospital is a multi-disciplinary hospital that aims to do just that, thanks to its comprehensive range of specialities that ensure your whole family gets quality healthcare. Expectant mamas (and women with other conditions) can receive personalised attention in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and children are tended to by experienced paediatricians. If you’ve been struggling with joint pains or old sports injuries, the doctors in the Orthopaedic department can help you find pain management solutions, physical therapy, corrective surgery and much more. Other available specialities include Urology (prostate and UTI issues), Cardiology (heart issues) and Gastroenterology (irritable bowel syndrome and more), amongst others.

Warm and caring staff

It’s so important to have quality care when you’re feeling under the weather and at your most vulnerable. Parkway East Hospital’s warm touch is exactly why Easties flock here, as the staff is always cheerful and friendly, and you’ll be well taken care of by experienced nurses who are attentive and caring. For example, nurses often make a call to discharged patients to check in on their recovery and ease any worries they may have. When it comes to nutrition, the hospital provides healthy meals that are both delicious and inclusive – the kitchen is halal-certified to ensure that all patients receive the best nutrition possible for a speedy recovery.

Want to see how Parkway East Hospital can boost the quality of your healthcare? Visit the Parkway East Hospital website to see how your family can be taken care of all in one place!

Parkway East Hospital, A&E 24-hour Walk-in Clinic: (+65) 6340 8666; Appointments: (+65) 6377 3737,

Brought to you in partnership with Parkway East Hospital. Lead image & Image #3 from Getty Images.

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