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#FightItRight: Health Insurance, Critical Illness and Looking Out for Your Family

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Real Life means being ready for the unexpected; check out a new health insurance policy from AIA that protects you from the ups and downs of critical illness, mama

Let’s talk about health insurance, mamas. Wait! Before you cover your ears and go into a panic about filling out forms and talking to customer service agents on the phone, take a second to think about its purpose. We know it can be scary – especially when you only want to think about taking care of your own little ones and don’t have a second to spare to think about your own health – but it’s also essential.  

Consider this: people in Singapore who are diagnosed with a critical illness are traditionally unable to get further insurance coverage on their existing plan once coverage terminates upon a claim. The same group of people are often denied new insurance cover, or their pre-existing critical conditions are excluded.


When you’re dealing with critical illness, continuing treatments, follow-up checkups and tests can snowball over time and become major financial burdens. Considering 37 people are diagnosed with cancer every day in Singapore (and cancer combined with heart disease and pneumonia to account for 65.8% of deaths in Singapore in 2015), that is a scary thought. Not to mention 1 in 4 Singaporeans aged 40 and above has at least one chronic disease (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and stroke); the risk of these elevating only increases with age.

So what’s to be done about it? AIA has introduced a revolutionary new product called AIA Triple Critical Cover, which offers comprehensive protection against critical illness at early, intermediate and late stages. Recognising that real life can be truly unpredictable, AIA has also created the first-in-the-market “Power Reset” feature, which restores critical illness coverage to 100% of the insured amount after 12 months have passed following the payment on the previous claim. This mean you get full coverage and peace of mind to fight a critical illness confidently going forward; the plan even allows for multiple claims up to 300% of insured amount.


AIA Triple Critical Cover spans an extensive list of 104 critical illnesses across all stages, and also pays an additional 20% of the insured amount (or up to $25,000) for each of five special conditions. Unlike other critical illness products in the market, it allows customers to receive guaranteed cash value from the plan at maturity (age 100), or if they choose to terminate the plan earlier (either at age 75 or after the 60th policy anniversary, whichever is earlier). Upon death (we’re thinking long-term here, mamas), AIA pays 100% of the insured amount, less any critical illness claims paid, plus a $5,000 compassionate benefit.

Like we said, mama, when it comes to insurance it’s best to hope for the best but plan for the worst. AIA is all about helping you become your healthiest, best self, and goes a step further to help prevent you from contracting critical illnesses through its landmark AIA Vitality Programme, a world-leading initiative that motivates you on your journey to better health with added benefits, rewards and discounts for every healthy choice you make. By the way, sign up for AIA Triple Critical Cover and you can enjoy wellness gifts like a Polar Fitness Tracker, a staycation, and massagers! Customers also stand a chance to win cash and goodies like OSIM products in their AIA 85th Anniversary Lucky Draw!

We know you want to do everything for your kids, mama. Do this for them, and for yourself: go to AIA’s website to find out more about AIA Triple Critical Cover and take charge of your financial and healthcare decisions. Empower yourself to #FightItRight!

140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Perk-greenSign up for AIA Triple Critical Cover by Wednesday, 30 November, 2016 to receive goodies like a Polar Fitness Tracker, a staycation, and massagers. Enter your deets on their website and an AIA Financial Services Consultant will contact you!

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