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Expert Advice: 5 Steps to Keep Cockroaches Away (eek!)

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Freaked out by cockroaches, mama? The pest control experts at Rentokil have provided us with some handy dandy tips on how to keep the little buggers at bay.

Let’s be honest. Pests can freaks anyone out at home, especially when we are caught off-guard. They usually come creeping at us abruptly, leaving us no escape or time to react.


Cockroaches – the common enemy we all face at home in Singapore – largely emerge at night. They have good hiding skills and spend their time hiding at the back of cabinets, ceilings, pipes, walls, among furniture, cardboard and paper clutters or under appliances. Warning: If you spot them in the daytime, it could mean your home has heavy cockroach infestation.

Parties, cooking, baking and toasting – all are fun reasons to spend time in the kitchen, whether for family gatherings or leisure activities with friends. Of course the kitchen is also the most common place to attract these cockroaches to feed on your organic or starchy food, even food wastage, decaying matter and even as simple as WATER.

Cockroaches hiding behind cabinet

Worst of all, cockroaches reproduce fast. A nymph matures into a full grown adult in less than 6 weeks. Surely you don’t want to mar your cosy and nicely decorated home with droppings that look like black or brown cylindrical pellets, or even egg cases near cupboards, drawers or fittings. They even smell bad, mama! And be careful: cockroaches transmit diseases that cause food poisoning-like symptoms.

Cockroach - surface

To keep cockroaches at bay, try these 5 steps: 

#1: Food is only reserved for your family, do not serve cockroaches their share. Store all food supplies in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.

#2: Be clean. Dispose of unwanted food or wastage immediately. Keep a lid covered over your waste bin to keep cockroaches away.

Cockroach - presence (1)

#3: Deprive cockroaches of water. Wipe all spills, keep surfaces dry and ensure no water leaks.

#4: Destroy their hideouts. Remove clutter or unwanted bulky items and seal cracks and crevices.

#5: Play detective! Check and clean hard to reach areas such as behind cupboards or refrigerators to prevent the start of breeding.

There is always the Rentokil emergency button to hit should these cockroaches continue to cause a “Pest-panic” attack in your home. Good luck, mamas!

Rentokil Singapore, Tel: (+65) 6347 8138 or email [email protected],

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