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Want to Protect Your Child Early On in Life? Here’s How Income Can Help!

How to get a 1-year complimentary health insurance plan* for your kid!
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Looking after the kids’ needs can be stressful! Avoid worrying about the worst-case scenarios by protecting your child early with Income’s health insurance plan, Enhanced IncomeShield. Here’s how to get a 1-year complimentary health insurance coverage* for your child!

One of our biggest responsibilities as parents is prioritising our children’s health and wellbeing. And while we can’t always prevent accidents and mishaps, we can ensure that our children have sufficient protection. Income understands just how important your peace of mind is when it comes to your child’s healthcare needs. That’s why it’s providing children with extensive insurance coverage with no lifetime limit1 under the Enhanced IncomeShield plan. Plus, children can get a 1-year complimentary health insurance coverage*, too! How does it all work? Read on for all the important deets!

Protection that doesn’t break the bank

Income’s Enhanced IncomeShield is an affordable health insurance plan that provides coverage with no lifetime limit1. How exactly does it do that? With no lifetime limit1 on your child’s hospital claims, this plan helps ease the financial burden if something unforeseen happens to them. Enhanced IncomeShield also pays for the eligible hospitalisation costs that your child has incurred2, so you can focus on their recovery without any financial stress.

This plan enhances your child’s existing MediShield Life coverage and can be paid for using either your or your child’s MediSave account up to the Additional Withdrawal Limits (excluding riders).

How to get a 1-year complimentary health insurance plan* for your kid!

How to get a 1-year complimentary health insurance plan* for your kid!

All you have to do is protect your child with Enhanced IncomeShield and if your child is between 0 to 1 year old (born between 1 January 2022 and 31 July 2023), they may receive a 1-year complimentary health insurance coverage*. This means greater peace of mind for you knowing your child is protected. The promotion is valid from now until 31 July 2023 – click here to find out more and sign up.


*Only the premium for the additional private insurance coverage portion is complimentary. Policyholder will continue to pay premiums for the additional private insurance coverage portion in subsequent renewals of the policy. The premium for the MediShield Life portion, and any applicable riders attached to Enhanced IncomeShield or IncomeShield Standard Plan, shall also be payable accordingly. Premium rates differ across the various plan types and age bands. Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.
1. Subject to policy year limit and any benefit limits.
2. Income reimburses you for the eligible hospitalisation cost you have incurred, subject to deductible, co-insurance, admission of ward class, benefit limits and any other policy terms (including exclusions).

The post is sponsored by Income Insurance Limited (“Income”).
This article is the intellectual property of Sassy Mama. This article is for general information and should not be relied upon as financial advice. You should seek advice from a qualified advisor if in doubt. Buying insurance that is not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future insurance needs. Precise terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance product mentioned in this article are found in the policy contract. This plan is underwritten and issued by Income. Information is correct as of 25 July 2023.
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