24 Sep‘20

ECDA: FREE Confidence Building & Social Skills Workshop for Kids

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24 September 2020

In this new normal, with limited physical interaction and literal barriers to close physical contact, do you sometimes wonder how best to build your young child’s social skills and confidence? Are you concerned that your child’s confidence may be affected by the absence of close physical proximity as they are taught safe distancing? There are several big changes that children and educators now have to accommodate and adapt to. These changes can be stressful and challenging for the little ones. So, then, how do you promote your child’s social-emotional development?

Get tips and strategies from the Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) line-up of virtual Expert Series workshop videos. This year, there will be three Expert Series episodes to support your parenting journey.

In the upcoming episode, ECDA Fellow Ms Pushpa shares some ways your child can build up his confidence so that their motivation to explore, discover and learn new things will grow! This includes communication and influencing skills, conflict resolution and building relationships. Learn how to best encourage and ease your child into following the pandemic measures and respond to changes in their routines, activities and expectations smoothly.

The virtual episode will have a segment for fun hands-on activities to develop your child’s social skills, so that they will learn to be comfortable with speaking up and participating in conversations. Hear how to strengthen your child’s foundation for language with an emphasis on vocabulary and critical thinking skills too.

To end off, there will be a book talk by the National Library Board. Learn how to better bond with your child as a librarian shares different examples of activities that parents can do to help children build a better awareness of the world and problem-solving skills through stories!

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