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Urban Bites

161 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068615
6327 9460

Urban Bites has been around a good amount of time – over 10 years in fact! But the news is they’ve just changed their authentic Lebanese menu and brought in brunch on Saturday too. Forget Arab quarter – if you are looking for good Middle Eastern and Lebanese fare, this is it! The menu ranges from traditional Lebanese slow cooked hummus ($13) to the modern Samke Harra ($29) of seabass served crispy skinned on creamy smoky baba ghanoush and sprinkled with pops of sweet pomegranate. Urban Bites is now doing brunch on a Saturday with interesting dishes like Lebanese Big Breakfast ($20) with hummus, labneh sunny side up egg and veggies or the Eggs and Lamb Shashouka ($20) with a Lebanese coffee! Read our full review here.

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