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How many times have you stumbled upon an old photo and went, “Oh my goodness, I almost forgot this was taken!”? Things can change so quickly in life that it’s no wonder we love photographing everything from fun family moments to our biggest milestones, right mama?

What’s more, having beautiful photos displayed around the house are great reminders of fun times and always serve as the perfect conversation starters when you have guests over. Professional photographer Irina Nilsson is someone who feels strongly about printed images, sharing, “Digital files may end up on a crashing disk on some computer. Your portraits should be something you can proudly display in your home, and feel good about.”

The seasoned Singapore-based photographer has been doing photography for over 10 years, with her own company started in Sweden since 2010. From engagements to weddings to family portraits, Irina does it all! We’re big fans of hers here at Sassy Mama, having worked with her on our Cool Dad Hangouts and That Mama features.

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