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Newborn to Toddler Car Seat: 3 Reasons to Love the New BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size (+ GIVEAWAY!)

This car seat combines 4 years in 1 seat! The new BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size is adaptable, stylish and offers unparalleled car safety for your kiddos. Here’s why we love it (plus a 15% off promo and giveaway at the end!)

Choosing a car seat can be daunting, especially for new parents! And seasoned mamas and dads will know there’s often no one car seat that can last through the years, beckoning an upgrade or car sear switch once every couple of years. While there are a number of newborn-to-toddler car seats out there, the BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size is set to be one of the safest available. After all, they’re an award-winning Norwegian car seat brand that’s been producing quality car seats for children since 1963.

BeSafe is especially known for being a rear facing-pioneer, having introduced their first rear facing car seat in 1989. Since then, they’ve been telling the world that children should face backwards in the car as long as possible – rear facing travel is five times safer than forward facing due to the extra support and protection given to the child’s head and neck region.

3 Awesome Features of the BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size

The iZi Turn B i-Size offers safer rotation from birth, providing easy access to babies and kids and combining a baby seat and toddler seat into one by featuring the unique BeSafe Baby Shell™ and Newborn Hugger™ for infants. It’s got a clever mechanism that allows for only rear facing travels for babies, and later on expands to full 360° flexibility for older children.

1. Baby-Secure Swivel to ensure babies are never forward facing

We love the swivel function – the car seat faces the door while you get your little one all buckled up, before easily turning them to rear facing! The Baby-Secure Swivel feature has a locking mechanism which ensures the car seat doesn’t accidentally turn to forward facing while the Baby Shell™ is in place.

2. Universal Level Technology for comfortable sitting and sleeping positions

No matter what car you’re riding in or how steep the seats are, the iZi Turn B i-Size always ensures a comfortable sitting angle for kids. The Universal Level Technology™ enables a horizontal installation and comfortable rear facing travels at all times as the seat is embedded into the base at an angle.

3. Dynamic Force Absorber™ to protect children from heavy impact

In the unlikely chance of an accident, the iZi Turn B i-Size offers the most innovative side impact protection. Its design of alternating V-shaped holes creates flex-zones that allow for a perfectly controlled and very gentle “catching” of your child.

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The BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size is a swivel car seat that offers both rear-facing and forward-facing travel from 6 months up to 18kg. Thanks to its 360° rotation capability, you can easily take your child in and out of the seat from any angle (easier on your back too!). The BeSafe iZi Turn also features an easy and secure ISOfix installation, and indicators for installation feedback for optimal safety. Enter your details in the form below by 25 November 2021 for a chance to win the BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size Sunset Melange worth $929! Good luck, mamas and dads!

Shop BeSafe on Lazada and follow them on Instagram!

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