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5 At-Home Montessori Activities to Foster Independence

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Montessori is much more than just a type of school, mama! Here are Montessori activities you can do at home to foster independence, self-confidence, and other important life skills

What’s the deal with Montessori in Singapore? Mamas all over the island are curious to learn more about the many Montessori schools we have here and how they differ from other preschools in Singapore – after all Montessori is renowned for giving children a strong foundation in academics. But Montessori is so much more than a teaching style or its unique materials; it’s a philosophy that’s all about instilling characteristics and skills in students that don’t just prepare them for school, but for life.

At the heart of the Montessori philosophy are key traits like independence, confidence, self-discipline, and a love of learning. Pretty great, right? Children develop these characteristics over time in an educational setting that encourages them to direct their own learning, develop at their own pace, and grasp abstract concepts through specific Montessori materials. Two things: 1) The right environment and 2) Guidance are what allow the Montessori method to flourish.


There’s no need to wait for preschool to encourage these traits, mama! You can create a Montessori environment at home and provide guidance in line with Montessori principles, right from birth! For example, allowing a baby to freely explore during playtime, or encouraging a toddler to help out with household chores, can help a child grow into a confident, independent adult with the right values to work with others.

Drawing on Maria Montessori’s “Practical Life” activities, the specially-trained teachers at Brighton Montessori have shared some everyday things you can do with your kids at home:

1. Sorting

What to do: Sort items like clothes by colour, size, shape or texture.

What it accomplishes: So much! It refines the senses of touch and colour; it improves hand-eye coordination; it teaches the concept of classification; and it develops self-discipline by teaching kids to put things away where they belong.


2. Food Preparation

What to do: Peel a hardboiled egg, pour a drink, spread butter on toast, cut soft fruits with a plastic knife, or help to serve during mealtimes.

What it accomplishes: Children gain self-confidence and independence learning how to take care of themselves. They also develop patience and increase their attention span focusing on these detail-oriented tasks.

3. Counting

What to do: Count everyday objects – beans, spoons, ice cubes, sticks, really anything – and practice arranging and grouping into multiples.

What it accomplishes: Children grasp mathematics concepts and the recognition of numbers.


4. Household Chores

What to do: Fold clothes; pick up items with tongs; sweep and mop.

What it accomplishes: These tasks all help children refine their motor skills. They also instill good values of helping others and gaining independence.

5. Reading

What to do:
For ages 2-3, read out simple 3-letter words and point out objects with simple 3-letter names.
For ages 4-5, ask them to try reading a story to a parent (with assistance), or even the family pet!
For ages 5-6, encourage them to practice reading quietly on their own.

What it accomplishes: Reading encourages literacy, builds vocabulary, and helps foster independence and self-confidence.


Want to find out more, mama? Be sure to check out Brighton’s newest centre at Sixth Avenue in Bukit Timah and let your little ones try out the Montessori materials for themselves! They’ll get to interact with the school’s Montessori-trained educators and you can experience benefits of the Montessori method firsthand! What’s more, enrol before Wednesday, 31 August, 2016 and you can enjoy 50% off registration fees and a free starter kit. Talk about getting your education journey off on the right foot!

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