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YogaFit by Ozfit: Cardio-infused Yoga workout in the Botanic Gardens!

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If you’re one of those mamas who likes to raise their heart rate during a workout (there’s nothing quite like a bit of huffing and puffing to really get you going!) but who also enjoys communing with nature, then OzFit’s new YogaFit class might just be the perfect workout for you!

The concept of YogaFit — essentially a yoga class with the added benefit of a cardio workout — was created by mama-of-three and fitness queen, Lisa Clayton. On a mission to inspire all mamas (and papas!) into appreciating the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors while getting a heart-thumping workout at the same time, Lisa and her enthusiastic team of trainers can be found across Singapore each morning, pounding the pavement and pushing their group of fitness fanatics through a huge range of (sweaty) exercises.


And with the common complaint of “we don’t have enough time to exercise” ringing loud and clear for the Ozfit team, YogaFit was designed to meet a busy mamas need for a high intensity workout that mixes the advantages of a cardio session, with the benefits of regular pilates and yoga (mainly increased flexibility, strength and tone). So on a recent sunny morning, I did up my laces and made my way to the Botanic Gardens to experience YogaFit for myself… and at the end of my 60-minute session, I was perspiring so heavily that I could barely take a breath deep enough to practice my ommmmmmm!

Throughout the session, I had to use all of my concentration to keep up with the fast-paced sequence of yoga moves and instructions delivered by my smiling trainer, Mal (who honestly looked as if she was having a ball!). Her infectious smile and endless enthusiasm helped inspire this otherwise tired mama, and while the setting for my class was glorious (what’s not to love about a sunny, clear morning in the Botanic Gardens, when the birds are in full chorus?), I was too focused on my aching legs (and my heavy breathing!) to really appreciate my surrounds.

yogafit_3The days following my class, I did feel a bit on the sore side (especially my tummy muscles!), which goes to show how beneficial it would be if I committed to doing this regularly! With a healthy mix of yoga poses, a good splash of core strengthening work, and a moderate cardio workout all packed into one class, I’ll certainly be returning for more in the future. Now all I need to do is find the time…

YogaFit classes are 60-minutes long, and are held every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. To sign up for a free trial class, head to their website.



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