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What’s Best For Your Child, a Large or Small International School? This School Offers the Best of Both (Get $6,000 Off Application Fees!)

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XCL World Academy offers a small school feel with a close-knit community and personalised learning with ‘large school’ benefits of top-notch, purpose-built facilities

Searching for an international school that’s just the right fit for your child can be a fraught process. After all, there are so many factors that come into play, whether you’re looking for a specific curriculum, types of extracurricular activities or even an easy transition process if your family moves around the world regularly. Then there’s the question of the right size school to suit your child – one that’s small (with a close community, more personal feel) or a large international school (with more programmes and high-tech facilities). No wonder it’s a tough choice! But why have to choose? XCL World Academy (XWA) is large enough to offer many opportunities and top-notch facilities, but small enough to sport a close-knit community, know each student by name and offer personalised learning! Here are some ways XWA is making a difference in education.

XCL World Academy - student in art class

Small school ‘feel’: community and relationships

Welcoming students aged 2 to 18, XWA is a community-orientated one. Their mission is to empower each child to be a happy learner that positively impacts others. Here, children are safeguarded and their welfare is prioritised. Class sizes are kept small, and each one is helmed by highly qualified teachers who are trained in the International Baccalaureate pedagogy. Smaller class sizes also provide for personalised interactions between students and teachers, which helps foster closer friendships and develop stronger bonds.

Large school diversity

Diversity is a hot topic these days, and XWA truly walks the talk. Their student body is made up of children from more than 60 countries and teachers from 20 countries, allowing for plenty of intercultural interaction. Simply put, your child gets to experience different cultures and learn about each one on a daily basis through the friendships they make. XWA has also placed internal nationality caps to keep the student population diverse. As a result, no single nationality today comprises more than 15% of the school’s population.

XCL World Academy - students in science lab

Large school facilities and opportunities

XWA is also home to a ton of modern facilities that help children reach their highest potential. They are also in the process of developing a Secondary School Innovation Hub with state-of-the-art facilities and learning spaces. As a result, they will be well prepared for further education and to navigate the opportunities and challenges they will encounter in their lives. As an IB school, XWA strongly adheres to the programme’s principles, preparing children and equipping them with essential academic and life skills which prepare them for the demands and rigours of further study and employment.

Interested to find out if XCL World Academy is the right fit school for your child, then contact their Admissions team to book a personalised campus tour for your family today!

Enrol your child now and receive $6,000 off on the registration and admission fees! Call 6871 8835 to find out more! This promo is only available for families based in Singapore. Terms and conditions apply.

XCL World Academy, 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6230 4230,

XCL World Academy was formerly known as GEMS World Academy.

Brought to you in partnership with XCL World Academy

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