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Postpartum Body Recovery for Mamas at this New Family-Friendly Spa

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Feeling the fatigue of new mamahood? Get adjusted at this new family-friendly Japanese body therapy salon (and enjoy 50% off for a limited time!)

So many changes happen when you have a baby! While most people would focus on how to care for your new bundle of joy, few will consider how much your body has gone through – and will continue to go through – after birth as the weeks and months go by. Along with getting as much rest as you can and eating nutritious, healing foods, you may want to think about trying Japanese treatments to help you recover quicker and feel like your pre-baby self.

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Hailing from Japan, top body therapy group MJG is set to open its first Singapore salon in Suntec City after successfully expanding to over 170 shops back home. The salon will provide a variety of body therapy services, including the Postpartum Pelvic Program which aims to help new mamas cope with their new bodies.

The Postpartum Pelvic Program helps to correct the pelvis, which widens during pregnancy and childbirth, and tightens loosened abdominal muscles so the internal organs return to their original positions and function better. With the treatment, mamas tend to experience less fatigue, find it easier to lose the baby weight (if any) and prevent postpartum changes in body proportion. We won’t say no to that!

mjg pim balance thomson bed

Looking for help with overall body restoration? MJG is also best known for their specialty, the PIM Balance Recovery program. Performed safely and painlessly on a specially developed Thompson bed, the PIM Balance Recovery program focuses on Pelvic correction, Inner muscle training and Muscle adjustments (PIM).

The pelvis is the base of the body’s posture and many problems arise when the pelvis is slanted or distorted as it leads to blood and lymph circulation stagnating, resulting in pain. Inner muscles support the pelvis but are difficult to train on your own. By making use of a machine specially developed in Japan, the muscles are stimulated and trained so that they can support the pelvis for lasting treatment effects. Any strained muscles are also loosened effectively using Japanese shiatsu techniques that can target even the deepest muscles.

Head down to MJG to try it for yourself, mama! We love that they emphasise providing a positive experience in the salon, even welcoming families with strollers and children and assuring mamas that their staff will help watch the littlies while mothers enjoy their treatments!

chinese new year fashion family melon -perkEnjoy 50% off the Postpartum Pelvic Program (U.P. $140) during their opening promotion period (now till April 2020, may be extended without notice)!

MJG, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-612/612A Suntec City Mall East Wing, Tel: (+65) 6235 6371,

Brought to you in partnership with MJG

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