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Tried and Tested: Budget-Friendly Facials for Busy Mamas at Sugar K Organic Facial Peel Bar

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Facials that are organic, gentle, affordable…and last just 20 minutes? Here’s where to find your bliss, mamas!

I have always been very lazy when it comes to skincare. I’ve been blessed with pretty ‘normal’ skin and gotten away with cleansing and a bit of moisturiser for many years. Since I’ve turned 40, however it has been a slippery slope. It’s all gone a bit pear shaped and my hormones have been playing havoc with my usually blemish-free skin. Help!

Enlarged pores, persistent and recurring blackheads, dehydrated skin, and fine lines are all part and parcel of living in a humid and polluted Singapore. Coupled with long hours at work (and at play), stress from work and running a household, natural aging and sometimes heavy use of makeup – I’m not surprised it’s come to this.

I’m not into facials but love to have a pamper when I have time, so when I came across a new Organic Facial Peel Bar called Sugar K, I took myself there in the hope to give my skin some much needed TLC.

What is the difference between a normal facial and a facial peel, you may ask?

A typical basic facial entails cleansing, a simple exfoliation, extraction of clogged pores, face massage and application of skincare. A more in-depth facial might include the addition of aesthetic devices like LED or IPL therapy to treat specific skin problems. I’ve tried the former – it’s nice when you have the time and luxury.

The organic peel treatment at Sugar K, however, includes cleansing of the skin, the application of Sugar K’s proprietary organic skin-peeling solution, neutralising of the peel solution, and application of their own formulated Kew Organics skincare.

The Sugar K Organic Peel Treatment is more straightforward, but works on a deeper level than a basic facial and has more dramatic results in a shorter amount of time. It gives a deeper exfoliation of the skin surface, and also stimulates cellular metabolism and reproduction. It has multiple benefits as well, such as increasing radiance, clarity, smoothening rough skin, unclogging pores and increasing skin hydration.

Facials, and especially the more in-depth ones, also have fantastic benefits, especially for pampering the skin and mind. They can tackle specific skin issues like wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. But for busy mamas like me who are time-poor but seek visible and long-lasting results from a quick face treatment, the Sugar K peel treatment seems perfect.

What is the difference between the typical chemical peel and Sugar K’s peel?

Most chemical peels available are made from laboratory chemicals, while Sugar K’s organic peel is 100% natural. It is also the first organic professional peel in the market and took Sugar K’s founder, Lily Kew, three years to develop.

While most facial peels have glycolic acid as the main exfoliating ingredient (as does Sugar K), the glycolic acid used in their peel solution is specially treated to give a very effective yet gentle exfoliation suitable for even sensitive skin. You can even apply it underneath the eyes, which is a no-no for most chemical peels!

The Sugar K Organic Peel Bar is inspired by the fast-rising trend of speedy face peels in New York City. You can be in and out in under 20 minutes and still get the same, if not better, results than from a 90-minute facial. A blend of glycolic acid derived from sugar cane and organic citrus fruit acids provides a potent exfoliating action on the skin, which gently removes the topmost layer of the epidermis in just a few minutes with minimal risk of chemical burns or irritation.

Results can be seen immediately after the first session!

Proof is in the pudding: when I arrived at dinner with a friend the very evening after my first session at Sugar K, my friend said I was glowing and looked unbelievably fresh! High five!

I completed 4 sessions over the course of a month and my complexion is noticeably different. My enlarged pores became refined and decongested, my skin smooth and soft, dullness lifted and I still have a natural glow. For the price and time needed I’m definitely going to keep this up.

How much: A la carte price of $55 per treatment, package price of $425.40 for 6 peel treatments inclusive of $155.40 worth of Kew Organics skincare including the Sugar Cane Royal Flush Exfoliant to enhance the results of the Sugar K peels.

Sugar K Organic Peel Bar, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-83 Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817, Tel: (+65) 6904 4161, Website

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